Two drugs, tamoxifen and raloxifene, have both been beneficial in increasing life quality and preventing breast cancers in women with the risk. A decision which drug to choose depends only on the side effects they cause.

Clinical trials that were closely watched showed that both drugs are equally effective in decreasing incidence of breast cancer development in postmenopausal women.

Since they were equal in preventing cancers, scientists oriented to the side effects so they would determine which of the drugs was better. After a long debate, Raloxifene, was chosen as a winner because it led to less incidence of blood clots, cataracts and uterine cancers.

Raloxifene has been showed to cause pain during sexual activities as well as joint pain while Tamoxifene led to hot flashes, vaginal bleeding, leg cramps and bladder control problems. Depending on which side effect would a woman rather cope with, she should make her choice. No overall difference has been seen on the drugs’ effects on mental health and depression.

Doctors indicated clearly that all the side effects the drugs caused were mild and that it is important that women at risk take at least one of the drugs.

However, Tamoxifen is a generic drug already approved for reducing breast cancer incidence while Raloxifene is at the moment only approved for preventing bone thinning.