Current birth control pills contain female sexual hormones estrogen and progesterone and may carry risk of breast cancer. Abortion drug that was previously banned by the FDA has been shown to prevent pregnancy and eliminate PMS symptoms when taken in lower doses.

The RU486 drug contains no estrogen and works by blocking the action of progesterone, which the body needs to ovulate and support a pregnancy. This means that the risks of developing breast cancer were cut down to zero. A trial that involved 200 women who were taking low doses of the abortion drug showed that the drug was effective in preventing pregnancy.
The ex-abortion drug does not stop at preventing pregnancy. Some of the researchers say that it is just a matter of time when the drug will be used for various conditions like uterine fibroids, endometriosis and abnormal gynecological bleeding. If this were true, it would definitely eliminate many sufferings from the women’s world.
It’s effects have been tested on 90 women who received a 100 times lower dose of the dose used for abortion. The drug showed positive results in preventing pregnancy and causing few side effects.

Australian researchers are performing trials to see if the drug would be beneficial in treating abnormal gynecological bleeding.