I have an important question. I have taken a lot of interest in the treatment of Surrogacy. It has been getting famous lately as many celebrities got it done. The process seems fine to me and I think we should really be thankful to Science for all its wonder. But I found out a thing about it recently and it really made me confused. I found out that Surrogacy is illegal in some states. There are very few states that count Surrogacy as a legal treatment. the thing that I am not getting is that what is exactly wrong with the treatment? The sole purpose of it is to produce babies for people who cant have them themselves. I really do not see anything illegal in that. This thing really stops people from completing their families. I want to know your views on this stupid decision made by some states. Maybe some of you would help me get more information and help me get rid of my confusion. I have really thought about starting an online campaign regarding this matter.