I knew the first time I smoked pot that it was the balance in my brain I had been waiting for. I have tried about every legal thing under the sun for depression and anxiety, and even had some dangerous situations because of over medication. None of them were as effective as pot for me, and I have been very frustrated by this, and the legality problem of pot.
I am 38 years old, and married to a non smoker, so of course my dream is to find a balance for my anxiety thru legal means. I just started taking Buspar as I have read that it works for people who use pot for anxiety and have been misdiagnosed. It helps with GAD or Generalized Anxiety Disorder for people that nothing else has worked for or have been misdiagnosed with depression like me.
Is there anyone out there that has found this to be the key after nothing else (legal) has worked?
I have high hopes as I have battled with this problem my entire life, and am tired of wasting time and dealing with pot withdrawals when I cannot get weed. I refuse to stay in California where I can obtain medical marijuana, as my life work takes me all around the world.