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I had a double inguinal hernia repair in 2008. After 4 years, I still have swelling round my groin area and now brown spots have started to appear.
When I was 18 I felt I had a bump by my groin so I had it checked out by general practioner. He refered me to a specialist. The specialist did a quick check with his hand and a asked me to cough once or twice.
Afterwards, he told me that my life was at danger, I told him that I do sports and he told me that I could drop dead on the sports field. I also asked if he was certain as he did not do any scan, nor did he offer to do one to make sure of the severity.

So I thought my life was in danger and went for the operation.

Then last year it I tried to gym and play sport again and it really started hurting. I went to another specialist to see if the mesh had maybe moved. He did a full scan and everything and I was so surprised that  they could do this as the previous doctor had never even hinted at it.

So I would like to know if I would have a legal case regarding malpractice or anything because sport was my life and now I cant even gym anymore.


Hi TS,

The first doctor correctly diagnosed a problem and you had corrective surgery.  4 years later you had pain so had it checked again.

What happened in the mean time?  Was everything OK?

You'll probably find some lawyer to take the case.  I don't think you have one.  There was a problem and it was diagnosed/repaired by doctor #1.  Think about this, what would doctors have done BEFORE all these tests existed?  Exactly just what he did.

I don't see any malpractice.

You reinjured yourself.  It can happen.  

One of the reasons doctors order all these tests nowadays are because of fear of being sued.  It does not mean that one doctor is better than the other, it's called "cover your *ss."

Just my opinon.  

Hope it helps.



Thank you medic-dan.

During the four years I constantly had swelling and it has always been very sensitive. That's why when I did start sport again, it immediately hurt and I went for the check up.
I feel I was misinformed as my life wasn't in serious danger. I literally just had the bump, it wasn't even sore.
On reinjuring myself, the hernia is not back, its just I have swelling and discomfort, and if I run for example it hurts now, where it didn;t before.


Without knowing exactly what the doctor found on his initial exam 4 years ago, and what the treatment was, I can't question the treatment.

Did you ever follow up, about it being swollen and sensitive?

What does this current doctor advise?


After my first check up with him and the scan, he asked me to make another appointment, but I haven't as i'm no longer on medical aid.


TS, at this point I think you should just concentrate on resolving whatever is causing your current pain.

Any surgery has risks. These include pain, swelling, tenderness, scarring, etc. I don't know if what you experienced was normal since we don't know exactly what the surgeon did.

Get another opinion before deciding what to do.