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Hey there,

So about this coconut oil diet – since I found out about these healthy benefits and some amazing things about it, I continue to search as much as I could about this diet.

So, that is how I find out that Jennifer Aniston actually promotes Coconut oil diet. So, is that true? Is this one so good that some celebrities also follow coconut oil diet? So, now I don’t think that coconut oil can is bad for me, at all. I like it more now when I know a lot more :)

So, what do you think, can you answer me on this question about Jennifer Aniston?

Thank you! 


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I hope you don't think that because a celebrity does/uses something that it's the smartest thing to do. They get paid well for using their famous face to advertise things. That does not mean they actually believe in it or use it.

They do what they can to earn money just like most of us.




I agree with you about this – if someone who is celebrity is following this diet, it does not mean that this one is good for you or that this one is healthy. But, I must say that coconut oil is healthy, especially if we are talking about virgin coconut oil.

I am using it, and I know that a lot of celebrities are using virgin coconut oil in their diet, but that is not the reason that I am using it.

So, I agree that you should not follow it JUST because someone famous follows it, but you should try it because it is healthy.

That is all! 



Good day,

I have to agree with you! I would never use any diet just because some celebrity is on the same diet. Of course, I would like to find out something about it, to know is it good or not, but I would never follow it just because some Aniston or Oprah Winfrey is on it.

About this Coconut oil diet, I know that this one is OK, that this one is healthy, but I think that Aniston got a lot of money to promote coconut oil diet. So, you should see what is good for you and start with that diet. That is the only option and the only way to lose your pounds.

Good luck!