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State law enforcement, medical professionals and anti-drug coalitions are launching a campaign to shoot down Proposal 1, the medical marijuana initiative on the November ballot.

They believe it is a “pot dream come true for drug dealers.”
In the initiative, marijuana is being legalized for pain relief when suffering from a chronic illness. Medical marijuana would need to be approved by a doctor and the users would have to carry state identification regarding their status and would not be prosecuted if caught with their stash. Proposal 1 also allows registered users to grow their own marijuana.

A Free Press poll of several hundred voters showed Michigan citizens support the Proposal. Until the announcement of the Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Kids campaign, Proposal 1 was virtually uncontested.
Members of Citizens Protecting Michigan’s Kids believe that the proposal is full of loopholes, that it could increase crime and enable teens to have greater access to drugs.

Since there is no oversight on growing marijuana plants, “pot shops” could be opening up in strip malls.
Michigan citizens are against California-ize Michigan in regards to the problem.

Four cities currently allowing the use of medical marijuana in Michigan are Detroit, Ferndale, Ann Arbor and Traverse City.

The proponents of Proposal 1 say the legislation is intended for those patients suffering from cancer, HIV and glaucoma, for which there is some data suggesting marijuana’s active chemical, tetrahydrocannibol, or THC, helps in alleviating pain.


I think those same state law enforcement people, medical professionals and anti-drug coalitions should launch a campaign to make tobacco products illegal. It won't surprise me at all that many of those same people turn out to be tobacco smokers themselves. The harmful effects of tobacco products are well-known within the health care and health insurance industries. Consequently, smokers are routinely charged a higher health insurance premium than are non-smokers. Yet tobacco is legal thanks to heavy lobbying by the powerful tobacco industry. Tobacco smoke has been linked to illnesses and deaths due to lung cancer and other respiratory illnesses. Chewing tobacco has been linked to oral cancer. Marijuana, on the other hand, has not been known to cause any major health problems. Deaths due to marijuana intoxication is virtually unknown. Compared to the powerful prescription painkillers which can be highly addictive and deadly, marijuana would seem like a relatively safe and inexpensive alternative. I think it is hypocritical for lawmakers to set an age limit over which a person can legally purchase and consume tobacco and alcohol products. If a product is harmful to kids, logic would suggest that it is harmful to adults as well and should be banned.