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I was in a relationship with my ex for 7 yrs since school days. We loved each other, i blindly trusted him. Once we were just fooling around and ended up having sex. We didnt take any precautions, i bled just 1 drop, nothing happend then and from then on we had it several times. But of odd circumstances we broke off one and half year back. Since then i have not had sex. I have a guy in my life now to whom i am to marry next year. I have told him about my past but have not shared the truth that i am not a virgin, although that does'nt matter him and that he still is a virgin. I still feel guilty coz i have stated loving him and want to make him the most satisfied man in all means. after 1 yr post our marriage, will he get to know that i am not a virgin? I have read that it is not necessary for every girl to have the same symptoms post sex as some dont bleed due to an enlarged vagina by nature...... Please help me with detailed explaination for the same............


Hi A,

He won't be able to tell. 

You may still bleed.  Your hymen may not have torn or torn completely.  Even if you don't bleed, not all women bleed during sex.

What you tell him is your decision. 

Hope it helps.