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Father's Day is always tricky — unique gifts that really make a man happy are hard to come by. Why not go for something that will boost his health this year?

Father's Day is just around the corner. Big Commerce (and small commerce) has already tempted you to buy power tools, neck ties, after shaves, and computer gadgets. Your kids' school is already helping your brood “surprise” their dad with the same paper crafts they presented last year.


Show that you really care this Father's Day, and get the fathers in your life something they'll benefit from and love at the same time.

Father's Day serves to celebrate fatherhood in general and to remember the impact of fathers across society. Most of all, Father's Day presents a great opportunity to make the dads in your own life feel appreciated and loved. Moms of young kids will probably assist their crew in choosing a special gift. But why do something for your own dad, your children's dad, and even a special teacher or role model too?

Nobody likes token cliché gifts and though power tools are probably a welcome gift, good ones are pretty pricey. If you're a woman, the association between power tools and men may offend your feminist side enough to stay away from drills and sanding machines too. Instead, choose a gift that shows you care about the Dad's health and life, and one that he'll continue to use for a long time.

Motivate Him To Be More Active

Are you looking for a great gift for your husband or partner, or are you looking for a way to surprise your own dad? You can't go wrong with a sports membership of some kind. The local gym is an obvious choice that will appeal to most dads, but you could also go for something a little more adventurous. A rowing club, paintball, or karate could really change that special dad's life — especially if he hasn't been as active as he could be.

Your kids' dad might find stress relief and a welcome break from a hectic life in your sporty gift. Perhaps, he really wanted to do something active but couldn't justify spending the money on himself. With your gift, he'll know that you care about his mental and physical health.

Pensioner dads of adult kids who get a sports membership for Father's Day might find a whole new passion in life, and will stay healthier for longer.

You can still do something wonderful if you have a small budget, like offering to go jogging or cycling together. Many people — dads included — are just not motivated to start exercising and then to keep on going regularly. If you sign the guy in question up for twice-weekly (free) exercise sessions, he'll have to comply. Give him a home-made voucher describing what you have in mind along with a new jogging suit. 

Are you a woman looking for a way to make your dad and partner happy at the same time? If they get on well, make them work out together!

Is your dad, partner, or father in law already a fitness junkie? Gadgets that measure his heart rate and the number of calories he burns while working out are a nice gesture that will wake up the nerd inside. Everybody needs to stay hydrated while they are working out, too. I love my Bobble water bottle that comes with a filter, and think it makes a pretty nice gift. 

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