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It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of men have cheated on their partner at some point during their relationship. Relationship experts claim that there are some fairly obvious signs that your man is a cheater. Find out if your man makes the list.
It is estimated that nearly 60 percent of married men have cheated on their partner at some point during their relationship. That’s a pretty startling number of cheaters. Of the women who are being cheated on, an estimated 70 percent have no clue that their man is a dog.
Perhaps these women just don’t want to know, denial is very powerful, or it may be that they just haven’t picked up on the signs yet. Relationship experts claim that there are some fairly obvious signs that your man is a cheater. Find out if your man makes the list.

Physical Acts Of A Cheater

Keeping Up Appearances

If your man has never really cared about his clothes or appearance before and all of a sudden he seems to take an interest in the way he looks, he could be cheating. Out of nowhere your man has suddenly blossomed; he’s got a new haircut, he’s wearing new cologne, he’s looking neat and clean and well kept...of course there’s nothing wrong with him caring about his appearance, but when the change seems to have occurred instantaneously…Houston we may have a problem.

Staying Late at the Office

Does your man seem to have a constant barrage of overtime at work? While it’s possible that he truly has to work late or chooses to do so to make some extra money or to get his mind off of some outside stress, it’s also a very real possibility that other factors may be at play. If you’ve investigated and there is no real reason for him to be there, then he may be cheating. Not sure? Ask yourself these he often unreachable? Does he take frequent business trips? To confirm your suspicion, take a look at his pay stub. If he’s getting paid for the overtime then the case is probably closed, but if there are no extra wages to account for, you may have just caught him cheating.

One Too Many Changes

Your man has created a new or separate email account or he has changed his password. He seems to spend at lot more time on the Internet than ever before. If your guy has sudden changes in his computer behavior, this could be a warning sign. If you can check his browser history, you may find he’s cruising dating sites. Additionally, pay attention to his cell phone behavior. Is he not picking up your calls or is he leaving the room or going outside to take incoming calls? Maybe he’s texting a lot more than normal. This could be a sign that he’s hiding something from you. Perhaps you’ve noticed some unknown charges on your credit cards or unusual withdrawals from the bank account, chances are he may be spending the cash on his mistress.

Sparking New Interests

Your man has suddenly picked up some new habits. Perhaps he has a new favorite drink or suddenly seems to enjoy a new genre of music; these new interests could be simply interest. Or, they may be new interests that he shares with his lover and are now creeping their way into your home. These new interests could spark changes in his personality as well. Maybe he’s telling new jokes, using new words or phrases or voicing opinions that are not his usual type.

Closed Door Policy

Typically, people in intimate relationships, such as a marriage, tend to leave the bathroom door open as they tend to their needs, not caring if their spouse is within earshot. If your guy is cheating he may begin shutting the door or even locking it. Experts say this is a way to distance himself, physically and psychologically from his spouse.

Sleeping With the Enemy

Your man’s sleeping habits may have changed.  If he is double-timing, it can result in unexplained exhaustion, restless sleep, bad dreams, night waking or sleep talking. If your guy is talking in his sleep, you may just here a secret or two, and even the name of his lover may slip out once or twice.

He Wants Nothing to Do With You

Do you feel as though you are two ships passing in the night? You’re watching television and he’s in another room on the computer. You’re sharing the same house but nothing else? Perhaps he doesn’t really interact or talk with you and he seems to completely disregard your feelings.  He’s lost interest in family activities and spending time with the kids. He’d always rather be doing something else, like hanging out with the guys. This pattern of behavior suggests he’s distancing his life from yours. He may not be cheating right now, but it could very well be on the horizon.

Lack of Affection

If your man seems uninterested in sex, if he’d rather be watching TV than being intimate with you, it may be because he is having his needs met elsewhere. Perhaps he’s stopped giving you hugs or kisses or no longer wants to cuddle. A man who is cheating may also no longer give you compliments or even cease saying “I Love You”. 

Distance Does Not Make the Heart Grow Fonder

Not only is your guy physically different, but he may be even more distant emotionally.  He may seem withdrawn and unwilling to discuss what’s bugging him when you ask. He may be seeking out privacy and becoming very protective of what is his. He may seem distant or disconnected emotionally during sex. He may become argumentative and defensive when asked where he’s been or where he’s going. Your cheating man may even go so far as to start an argument with you just so he can run off and leave the house in a huff. He may even become moody over time if he’s having a long-term affair, because of the pressures of keeping both relationships going. He may crack and emotions from one relationship may run over into the other.


Sometimes, a guy who is cheating will go out of his way to criticize his partner. He may be overly critical of you, mostly about things that he once loved about you. Even more telling is his criticism of other women. If he’s repetitively critical of another woman’s looks or personality then he may be bluffing. He could be trying to convince you that a women like that is not at all appealing to him, when in reality, he covertly is very attracted to her.

Narcissistic Attitude

Some men just seem to be the cheating kind. If your man has a larger than life ego and thinks he’s God’s gift, he will likely expect others to feel the same way about him. These men feel a deluded sense of entitlement and they often think that they are due more than others. This causes them to be prone to cheating because they feel the rules don’t apply to them. Guys who fit into this category often lack a sense of remorse and are unable to tap into feelings of guilt, which makes them terrific liars. These guys don’t just tell the occasional little white lie, but will usually lie to save face or avoid the fallout from the truth.  This type of guy is very capable of cheating.

Unfortunately cheating is far too common. If you don’t trust your man, you must have a reason. Go with your gut, if you feel something is amiss, do your research. If you have reason to suspect that your man is cheating or if you have caught him in a number of lies or precarious situations, then your best bet is to confront him.
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