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I've gotten fingered before & it bleed afterword. but just a few days ago I was with this boy & he wanted to have sex.. so I just let him finger me but then I let him stick it in me but it hurted as soon as he tried to put it in so I told him to take it out.. I didn't bleed or he didn't leave it in for more than like 5 seconds. but am I still a virgin ? & did I lose it when I got fingered & it bleed?


Dear c_monaee

  1. A virgin is someone who has not had sexual intercourse.
  2. You do not lose your virginity by being fingered, even if there was bleeding
  3. If your boyfriend's penis entered your vagina (no matter for how long) you are no longer a virgin, even with no bleeding.
  4. It may be that he did not enter you as it hurt when he tried; then you are still a virgin. Only you can know that.

However there is the question of your hymen.

  1. Some religions or cultures see the intact hymen as 'evidence' of virginity
  2. If your hymen has been ruptured, you might be considered not a virgin, even if you are.
  3. The hymen can sometimes (depending on strength and elasticity) be stretched, and the penetration by the penis does not rupture the hymen.
  4. Sometimes the hymen breaks through rigorous activity without any sexual activity
  5. Some girls are born without a hymen

Hope this helps