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I had the surgical procedure at 4 weeks exactly I want to get pregnant right after... I wanted my baby but I had had sex with my b/f and someone else.. Wasnt sure of the father so I had to abort and make another attempt with my BF..since the abortion was done 2days after my missed period I'm going to have to try again in a week to see if I can get prefs again.. He cheated on me so I decided to cheat back but I got hurt in the process.. Please advise 


The last 3 days i have had a small amount of blood when I wipe after urination. (It is not in my urine) The first day it was only with my first urination of the day. the second day it was only with my last urination before bed and today the third day so far just in the morning also. The first and third days were very small amounts. the second middle day was a little more but still not like a period. When it started, I still had 12-13 days before the start of my normal period. I have also had constipation and have felt more tired than normal. Could it be my period starting early? Pregnancy? Something else?