My husband and I are trying to conceive my last period started on decemper 28. We had unprotected sex on january 12th and 13th right around the time I should have been ovulating. About 4 days afterwards I started feeling sick off and on through out the day, I have frequent headaches that don't last more than an hour, I believe my breasts have gotten bigger (starting to out grow my bras), I had minor stomach cramps off and on, I seemed to feel a lot more tired than usual, and I was very moody. I took a pregnancy test 3 days before my period was supposed to come but got a depressing negative. My period started on its scheduled day, it started as a light flow on the first day, the second day I had to change a thin pad about every hour and a half, the third day was a little lighter than the second, the fourth day was lighter than the third (i could have gone through one pad the entire day), the fifth day turned lighter in color and was very light (could have worn a panty liner all day), I woke up the sixth day and wasn't really anything left. So I decided to take another test again the answer was negative. My normal period lasts 7-8 days with the second and third days being extremely heavy, and the first and second days unbearable cramps that I have to take the max amount of pain killers possible and just go to bed. I had very few cramps associated with this period. Within the last week and a half everytime I eat I feel bloated and I have heartburn off and on (I have never had heartburn before). My mom had a period for the first three months she was pregnant with her first pregnancy. Could I be pregnant with my period and two negative tests? I welcome all your opinions as I dont want to waist the money to go to the doctor just to find out im not pregnant. Any asistance would be helpful. Thanks.