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When I met my boyfriend at the start of last month after a long time, we had oral sex. He licked me around 2 hours after I had licked him. (We had kissed in between). There was no penetration. I am still a virgin.

Around 4-5 days later, I noticed a very tiny spot of blood. A week after that, when my periods were supposed to come, I had a brown discharge. (I have not gotten my periods so far). Seeing this, I got worried, and took a pregnancy test one week later. (Roughly 2.5 weeks after the incident). It was negative. I also took another one after another week (around 27 days after the incident), with morning Urine, which also turned out to be negative.

Again, like last month, a week before my periods are supposed to come, I noticed a tiny spot of blood yesterday and day before. I also had light bleeding yesterday night, which stopped. (Is this spotting?) Am I pregnant? I am only 20.

(My periods were very irregular till the summer of last year. I had also been diagnosed of hormonal imbalance then and was given some treatment.)


You can't get pregnant from oral sex. And since you have gotten a negative test, it's sure your not pregnant. You are probley just having an irregular period.