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So I'm going through answers and I don't get the whole, last date we had sex, ovulation, whatever. Please help answer in dude terms!

Long story short my wife was diagnosed with PCOS, and we've been still trying to have a baby. She has had very irregular periods since 2009 and Every month it was the same. As of late though she's been getting periods again, but not really on a normal schedule.
When she would get a period we would wait until it's over, wait a week and then check for ovulation using temp and cervical mucus. When we would plan and try she would get these symptoms like being tired, sore boobs, and then would spot but a period usually followed right after the spotting. About 3 or so weeks ago we had intercourse and then last week she was spotting but then there was no period! She had about 30 hours of spotting and it only came about when she wiped. About 3 days after we noticed the spotting she was pulling out this sticky milky cervical mucus. 2 days ago she started getting fuzzy headed/headachy, sore boobs, fatigue, but no nausea. We took a pregnancy test yesterday and today but they are both negative.

Is it too soon to be testing? I was told to wait another week to find out. We can't go by when she was supposed to get her period since they are sporatic and irregular. We want a kid so badly and the waiting is killing us. Especially when she gets all the symptoms but tests still show negative.

How long can we wait and get negative results before we can assume she's not pregnant (God forbid)


Remember. You're talking to a dude.


Hi erikus,

It can be confusing and irregular periods won't help when you're trying to conceive.

The HPT's are very accurate when used when the period is due. They are not reliable earlier. Since you don't know when exactly to expect her period, and you said you saw spotting a week ago, it should be almost time. Wait the week and retest. Make sure that you use her first morning urine, it is more concentrated. If it is still negative, give it a few more days.

Usually you want to have intercourse from about 5 days before until 2 days after ovulation. The eggs only remain viable for about 48 hours. Your sperm however, can remain viable for about 4-5 days in her vagina.

Morning sickness usually comes a couple of weeks later so it may be early. The headache and fatigue aren't specific enough. The mucous and boobs, maybe.

Hope it helps. Good luck.