On June 8, 2018 me and my girlfriend didn’t have sex but we messed around. First I licked her down there and after she gave me a blowjob. The semen was in her mouth and she swallowed it but some was on the bed and then I we layed on the bed for about 10 mins and I know for a fact my hand was dry. I don’t think I ever came in contact with the semen but I know my hand was dry. I put my boxers on and my sweats. Then I licked her again and fingered her deep. But before I fingereded at my finger and made sure it was dry. Her period was suppose to come the 19th based on her app but her periods are irregular. The period came the 22nd of june exactly 2 weeks after the incident. That morning I was on my way to get her to go buy pregnancy test when she texted me half way their saying she got her period. About 2 weeks after I heard about implantation bleeding and I asked her questions but she said it was her period. So on July 13, 2018 we messed around a lot safer this time. I licked her finished up she put her panties on and then she gave me a blowjob and I put my pants on and we layed down. Then about 1-2 hours later she gave me a blowjob again but I wasn’t feeling it and she stopped (I didn’t ejaculate) and I put my pants on and moved her panties and sweatshorts to the side and licked her down there. For about 4 mins. I didnt finger her. The she layed on her stomach and I dry humped her with our clothes on from behind. After that we didn’t do anything else. Then now we’re paranoid. So on July 20, 2018 I took her to take pregnancy tests. I bought a two pack from Walgreens. She took the first one in the store bathroom took about 4 mins and walked out with it and it said negative but I turned it and there was like an evap line that you can see only if I moved it to a certain angle with light. I read reviews and people said it was bad and gave false positives. So she took the second one and it was negative. From the same brand . Then I I bought her a dollar tree one that was negative. She drank a water bottle and peed again about 40 mins later taking a digital “pregnant no pregnant” one and it read not pregnant. She took 2 of those that both said not pregnant. We are both scared about the first one that was super light on positive a little. We want to test again but her period tracker says she doesn’t get her period until July 26, 2018. I told her if that morning she doesn’t get it then I will take her to take a digital one again. Please help. Can she be pregnant .