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Hello, My girlfriend is on Birth Control and takes it everyday (doesn't take a week off). We had intercourse on January 8th but the condom broke. She decided to take Next choice a little before 24 hours. She began to get cramping, mood swings, fatigue, backaches etc. about two weeks later. She took a pergnancy test (first response) 3 weeks after the accident which was negative. She then began bleeding for 5 days (not sure if it was implantation). Shes taken 3 more pregnancy test, about 4 weeks after the accidents which were all negatve. It has been 5 weeks, the cramping and pms symptoms are gone, but she just recently got a cold. I was wondering, what are the chances of her being pregnant? Am I worrying for no reason? Also,  Were the pregnancy tests taken too early? She has irregular periods so its based off of the days after the accident (20-32 days later)


Hi Alex,

The chances of her getting pregnant are extremely low.  Birth control by itself is about 99% effective.  The Next Choice, an emergency contraceptive, taken early, is also very effective and was probably not necessary.

The emergency contraceptive can make her period early, late, heavier, or lighter than normal.  Cramping can also happen.

You don't need to worry.  It is very unlikely she is pregnant.


I'm so terrified right now...

My boyfriend and I had sex just last night,(Valentine's day) and it was completely unplanned, so we didn't have any preventatives and started fooling around even though we were unprotected.
He went in for a little and felt the pressure that he was going to ejaculate and quickly pulled out and tried to block what was coming out with his hand.
Horrified, I quickly got off of him and grabbed some tissues and wiped myself in some sort of attempt to get anything off if it did get on me. Needless to say, I have no idea if he did c** inside me, and neither does he. I'm 17, he's 18, and neither of us have our licenses just yet. Is plan B an option?
Could my boyfriend get it for me? I read online that you can get plan B without a prescription if you are at least 17.

Please help, I'm really scared...


Hi Pancake,

Plan B is an option. Neither of you need a prescription since you're over 17.

It's probably a good idea if you're not sure if he ejaculated inside you.

Good luck.