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hello ..I am very worried about my girl. I will keep this short, simple and some what detailed on what had happen. About last Sunday, we had only Oral sex ! No intercourse involved and I had a question that I am very scared to ask. I did not cum inside of her or anything nor did we cum at all.. When I stood up, my penis had accidentally touched her vagina on the top of the clitoris. My question is.. I am worried about the precum that could make her pregnant. Around 52 hours later, we had bought a Next Choice Pill (Plan B). Will this Pill help prevent her from pregnancy? Her last period was done 3 days before we had this problem.. could you please help us ? thank you..


If she took the Plan B or Next Choice emergency contraceptive within 72 hours of the "sexual accident" then it is unlikey that she will become pregnant. The odds would have been about 1% if she took the pill within 12 hours of the sexual contact on up to about 4% by the third day - but her (and your) odds may be better than (less than) 4% because, as you said , you didn't actually have intercourse or ejaculate and the sperm count of "pre-cum" is pretty low.

There's no way anyone can guarantee you that she won't become pregnant - but given the complete picture I'd say you're pretty safe (like no more than 1 chance in 100).