I'm really confused & hope someone can help me.  I have been unwell for some times with stomach bug and then I have been on medication for a UTI. I have been on anti muscle spasm tablets, anti nausea tablets & then two lots of antibiotics trying to fight the UTI. I then started to feel like the UTI was returning having the same symptoms as when it first appeared. I then started to feel some soreness in my vulva area, but nothing too uncomfortable until after a couple of days I took a look. I noticed 2 small sores. I thought it may just be from having sex. More pain later, & sore urinating, I noticed more sores, then the next day even more. I went to the docs yesterday & she said it looks like Herpes. A test she took will not be back for another day or so. I'm freaking out! I have a thick milky white discharge along with the sores. I have read that a very bad yeast infection can also be confused with Herpes. but, even if it comes back as Herpes I want to understand how I have contracted it. I have been with my partner since the beginning of this year, with no symptoms until now. He was in a monogamous relationship for many years, his late wife never experiencing any symptoms. Before my current partner, I had not been sexually active for at least 2yrs before that, and then before that was in a relationship for 15yrs, my then partner only having me as his sexual partner & was a virgin before me. I have read that a woman can display symptoms within 2-3wks of being infected. Which surely would mean I would have had to have caught it from my current partner - whom I know to be faithful to me. We do do a lot of oral sex, & the doc said that it can be passed on this way if he suffers from cold sores - neither of us can remember him having an active cold sore at the time. I'm hoping & praying that the test result for Herpes comes back negative - but in the mean time I'm freaking out. Please help!!