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Hello, all. This looks like a pretty active forum so I hope to have some varied replies!

I'm female, and I had sex with a man and the condom broke. The next day, I had massive itching (not actually in the vagina, just the lips) and a little white discharge without bad odor, but no open sores--it's been about 9 days since the itching first started. The itching is less severe now, but it is still present.

I do have two flesh-colored bumps at the base of my labia that weren't there before and something that looks like a cut on my perineum, but my skin is very dry and I think the split is from that. As of 9 days after the initial itching, my throat feels swollen and I heard that some people get flu-like symptoms with some STDs. I'm exhausted, but it's also exam week and I've had a few all-nighters this week. I haven't seen any blisters or chancres yet. I am not allergic to latex.

Does it sound like herpes, a yeast infection, or something else? I am getting a full STD workup on Tuesday to find out for sure. It is so hard to not be anxious about this. A problem is the time frame--some people say it's too soon to figure out what the problem is.


I think that the itching was caused by the irritation during sex and the discharge basically serves our bodies to protect the irritated area when there is a need. The most common sign of yeast infection is persistent white, thick discharge that resembles cottage cheese – usually with bad odor. And yes, some STDs like genital herpes can cause initial flu like symptoms, but these symptoms usually start within a few weeks after the sex. And herpes causes small red bumps that soon rupture. Since zou will get the tests done, you will know for sure, but I think you just go sore throat/flu and irritated vagina.