The last 5 to 6 months it seems like I start to develop a bladder infection about 3 days before my period starts. Went to do some research on bladder infections & ended up finding out about a STD called Chlamydia??? By now I am really freaking out. Divorced of 15 yrs and recently started a new relationship about 4 months ago after 2 yrs of the divorce , so call me paranoid? The symptoms clear up during or after my period. I have made a daily routine of drinking cranberry juice. I had some extensive test ran on my bladder months ago due to blood in my urine as a follow up from an anual pap, but everything was fine. My periods are typical and usually right on schedule, except a few months ago. I had a very light period the month after we first had intercourse and then after that they have been typical. Pregnancy out of the question also. Wondering if I am being unreasonable about making a dr appt and getting tested for Chamydia or if this is a normal process of getting older???