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first of all i hope im posting this in the proper forum, i just registered to this site a few minutes ago. i have a doctors appointment next week, but i really need advice asap.

anyway, about my problem.

i had my period about 2 weeks ago, and recently, within the past week, i have noticed a yellow odorless discharge from my vaginal area. tonite when i went to use the restroom and wiped, i noticed the color brown on the toilet paper. i looked up online that this could be a sign of pregnancy, so i went to the store and bought a pregnancy test, well, it didnt work, it had an error, by then it was 2:30 in the morning and i was not about to go out again, well my question is, are these signs of pregnancy??

thank you to those who reply.


Hi! Hoping someone can help me out here :) Had a period ending October 31, 2015. Usually 21 day cycle so expecting my next period within nov 21-nov 23 timeframe, Its now nov 27 and no period. I did however experience bright red blood on sunday and 3 negative tests since then. Is too early to test? Im tired, moody, i want to eat everything. Does this sound weird ?