hi. im 19 and yesterday i saw that i have a rusty brown colored spotting and this has never happened before. Im NOT on birth control pills. Ive been tracking my period for about 4 months since September of 2006 and it is now February 8th. Im expecting my period within 7 days.

My periods have been, 25 days (sept-oct), 26 days (oct-nov), 39 days (nov-dec), 35 days ( dec- jan). The average of the 4 is 31 days.

Last month on January 26 i went to my gyno and she did the check up and all and found that i had a yeast infection which i had to use suppositories for 3 days (january 27-30). She told me not to have sex for 7 days and that 7 days was up on the morning of the 3rd of Feb. I had PROTECTED (condom) sex the say after (the 4th). Yesterday on the 7th of feb, i had to hold my pee in because of class and i felt bloated. When i wiped, i noticed brown discharge and ive been spotting brown blood today [feb 8] .. :(

i dont think i can be pregnant because i used a condom. Could this be the time of my ovulation? is this discharge normal? its gotten me very worried over the past day and i already have enough stress from school. SOMEONE PLEASE INPUT ON THIS. THANK YOU SO MUCH.