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Thank you so much for reading! I really do hope someone can help me out.

About 2 years ago I had a baby. During the pregnancy I got bacterial vaginosis ****** and got antibiotics from it but it never went away. Now, it has changed it color from a milky white to a very mucusy yellow/greenish color. I also have some pain in my uterus area.

Could I have PID?!?!?!? (Pelvic inflammatory disease) I dont have any medical insurance at this time, but I know PID is a bad thing. Any suggestions or any information that would be greatly appreciated.

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i am 13 years old and yellow kinda brown thick mucus comes out my vagina sorry to much infro .. i don't no what is it thats why i am asking u .. i think i am a little late cuz i didnt see my period as yet .. i don't no if it's infection or what , i am really scare i don't no what to do right now .. i am going to thee clinic this week .. i don't no when i am going to have my period .. could u tell me what it is ?? On friday morning i had some cramps what was very painfull i couldnt even take that .. But anyways since i am going to the clinic everything should be okay .. If you have the same problem you need to get check write away.. Or reply back and i will tell you what and not to do ..