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Okay, so a month ago before my last period, I started to experience itching (I admit I stratched) which followed to swelling and yellow/pink discharge. It all cleared up within the week before my period. Now fast forward to this month, a few days after my period, I have experienced the same symptoms, with pink/yellow discharge, with minimul itching buh alot of discharge. Cud this be a STD or just a yeast infection

I'm only 18 and have started having sex with my bf last year. What is this?

SCARED!!!! o.O


You may have BV bacterial vaginosis the only treatment for that is to go to your doc they can prescribe metrogel insertion for 7 days it will clear it up!! Try buying a 1 day monistat for yeast infections first to see if it actually clears it up.  If the discharge is greenish yellow and is smelly like a fishy smell or a very unpleasant than it is definitely a bacterial infection.  If your discharge looks more like cottage cheese and a milky color and has little white clumps in it its yeast.  Your discharge should always have a clear look to it.  Hope this helps you!!