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Foundation makeup for women is like the colors that an artist uses to paint a blank canvas. The background can affect how well the colors jump off the canvas.

Foundation makeup for women

The right background not only compliments the colors that the artist uses to paint the picture, but the right colors can add amazing aesthetic appeal. The same philosophy holds true to women who know how to choose the right skin foundation color to match their skin tone. Chrissy Dolezal says, “The goal for makeup foundation is to appear like you are not wearing any. Makeup Foundation will give you a flawless, healthy glow when you pick the correct color and formula.”

Although this may be a very easy task for some women, it can be a continuous problem for other women.  This is because everyone has different skin tones and undertones to their skin. This factor makes it even more difficult to know how to choose the right skin foundation color for your skin tone.

Women also have to take their skin type into consideration. Therefore, this added obstacle on top of what they already have to determine can seem like some sort of science experiment. That is why knowing how to choose the right skin foundation color for your skin type can often be even more difficult than it should be. Well, there are ways that you can find the right foundation to match your skin tone and skin type and it isn’t as costly or painful as you might think.

One of the best things about being a woman is being able to try out different types of makeup and playing around with different colors and products to define and enhance our features. One of the hardest tasks for women in regards to makeup is finding the perfect foundation that not only matches their skin tone, but also has valuable skin fortifying nutrients and moisturizing capabilities.

You might be asking, “How do I know which foundation color to choose?” Well, there are many ways to determine what foundation will look good on you, but here is one sure fire way that will help you out.

Different Skin Tones and Undertones

Each one of us has light, medium, tan or dark skin. Some of us may even have uneven skin tone which makes it even harder to distinguish which foundation will look best. All of us also have certain undertones to our skin, which may be warm, neutral, or cool. These undertones are usually determined by the highlights in our skin tone that are reflected when the light hits our skin. The most common undertones are golden, olive, or reddish in color.

Darker ethnic women with cooler undertones usually range from blue to violet in color. Undertones that are more natural consist of green or yellow colors. Warm undertones are the most popular among ethnic women and include undertones of yellow, orange, red and olive.

How to Tell what Undertone Your Skin Is

Dooley suggests taking a look at the inside of your wrist to see what color your veins are and if they can be easily seen.

Dooley states, “If so they will appear either bluish or greenish in color. This will give you a strong indication of your undertone color. With natural undertones the vein color is less obvious in color and cannot be distinctly recognized.”

Since each foundation has different undertones, it is important to know which undertone best suits you in order to find the foundation that matches your skin tone the best and will prevent you from looking like Jim Carey in the Mask.

Kaminsky says, “woman with sallow skin should not attempt to “pink” her skin tone with a rosy foundation makeup, and a pale-complexioned woman should not attempt to “tan” hers with a bronze tone.”

Choosing the Right Foundation Color

Each one of us is classified as having a light, medium, or dark skin tone. One way you can choose the right color of foundation is to go to the cosmetics counter of either a drug store or department store. Make sure you go without any makeup on. Yes, I know it takes courage to walk out of the house without any makeup on, but this is the only way you will be sure to find the right foundation color for your skin.

Tip or Choosing the Right Color of Foundation

Find one that looks like it is close to your skin color. Apply it near your jaw line and rub it in on your face and neck.  Since this is the place that usually creates the very unflattering mask like appearance, it is important to rub it in here.

Wait a few minutes. Go outside and take a look for yourself. Does it look like it blends in well? If so, you have found your ideal color. If not, try another one.

The light in the department stores and the drug stores are usually very unflattering. This is because many of them use fluorescent lighting, which is unnatural and won’t give you the full affect you need to determine if it matches your skin.

This is why it is recommended to use natural light as the source for determining if the foundation you have chosen will be a match to your skin tone.

You also want to take into consideration, whether the foundation has too much red in it or if it is too yellow. Each foundation has many undertones. That is why it is important to know which undertone you are. This allows you to find the right color of foundation that blends in perfectly to your skin.

Another Foundation Tip

If after numerous trials and you have tried at least 5 or more and still can’t find one, then think about purchasing two to blend together.

Most of us will not find the ideal color, especially if we have an uneven skin tone, scars or birth marks. Buying two foundations gives you more variety.

Since many of us tend to get darker in the summer, we can use the darker one for the warmer months, and the lighter colored foundation during the winter months. It’s a win, win situation.

For the other months, you can blend both of them together to give you your own personalized foundation color that perfectly matches your skin tone.

How to Determine what Skin Type You Have

Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, sensitive skin or normal skin there are foundations available for everyone.
You may be thinking, “How do I know what skin type I am?” Here are some ways you can determine what type of skin you have.

Make sure your face is free of makeup:

  • Take an ordinary tissue
  • Place it on your face
  • What does it do?

For people with oily skin the tissue will stick, for people with combination skin the tissue will stick to certain parts of the face. If you have dry skin, the tissue will fall off.

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People with Sensitive Skin

People with sensitive skin types, most often know whether they have sensitive skin or not. This is because almost anything they put on their skin either causes them to break out or they have some sort of skin reaction to a product.

Sensitive skin types should use products that are fragrance free and hypo-allergenic. These products will help give the skin the nutrients it needs without irritating it.

Learning how to choose the right skin foundation color can be accomplished by using various techniques such as trial and error. It is important to know the undertones of your skin, so you can find a foundation that is close enough to enhance the color of your skin while playing up the highlights of your skin tone. Through trial and error women can try a multitude of foundations and find the one that best suits their skin type and skin color. Although it may not be an easy process for some women, it is possible to find foundation(s) that are close enough to match their skin color so they don’t have to worry about the very unflattering foundation mask.

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