One kidney smaller than the other

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sarette 9/4/06 12:00 AM

Hi. I have a big problem. One of my kidneys (the right one) is smaller than the other. My doc has told me that it is ok, but still I worry. I feel like my left kidney is going to die. Anybody with experience on kidneys? Is that ok, to have one kidney smaller than the other, or not?
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pelka 9/8/06 12:38 AM

Kidneys are the size of the fist and I think that it is perfectly normal to have a left kidney larger than the right one. The human body doesn`t need two kidneys, it can work pretty well with only one kidney. Sp, if you have one kidney small and the other one normal, you will have a perfectly normal life. Have to say that one small kidney can give you high blood pressure. But, the problem is when you have two small kidneys (kidney failure).

^^ 4/14/08 7:54 PM

the right kidney is smaller than the left kidney because it has less room to develop since the liver is right on top of it. there is nothing to worry about.. it is normal..

Guest 5/6/09 12:33 AM

when i was 5 months pregnant, i had an ultrasound done and found that my baby's left kidney was enlarged. i was terrified! when he was born, my baby had is own ultrasound - and the md found that the left kidney was still slightly bigger than the son has an ultra sound done every year to check progress...and is still growing. between newborn to age 4 - the difference between both kidneys was only 4mm...between ages 4 and 8, the difference between both kidneys is 1.6cm...he's had had multiple UTIs and sometimes his kidney doesn't filter properly...he's going to be 9 this year and his next ultrasound will be on july...what makes it worst is that they will use a catheter and inject dye. in other words...i am worried and this is not normal.

bev4tek 11/9/09 9:22 AM

This can cause High Blood Pressure and you need to be followed by a Nephrologist and may need medications in the futre to control the pressure.

k1234567 12/6/09 10:10 AM

If the right kidney is smaller will thier be complications later in life ? what about childbirth later or drinking alcohol or dangers not thought of?

guest1 1/4/11 6:25 PM

this is at the guest
i got the same issue as your son
i've been living with it for 15years n yes it gets difficult and what i dont find normal is
every two years it gehs worse and i need an emergency operation

Guest 2/26/11 4:16 AM

I had the same problem as the one persons son except my kidney wasn't growing. I went through the same process of ultrasounds and dye injections through a catheter. I also had multiple UTIs, one of which my fever reached 105 and had me sick for a month. When I was 13 the condition finally corrected itself and I am now a perfectly healthy 20 year old. So don't worry your son will be alright just hang in there :-).

Guest 4/10/11 8:04 PM

I was born with one kidney smaller then the other, it caused me a great deal of medical issues groing up. Once I hit my teen years I went through a growth spert and the one became large enough to fillter and support my body. I am 31 years old and my kidneys appear to be fine, minus some scar tissue. So to anyone who may be wondering about their children.... Have faith.

I do wonder how it may effect me should I become "with child". Maybe someone out there can shed some light on that issue?

Guest 5/6/11 7:04 PM

Just found out my right kidney is smaller than the left , have never had any problems and still dont was just something that was stumbled upon . I have high blood pressure and went in for a cti and that is what was found . I was told that the high blood pressure was from the differance in sizes but nothing to worry about . I have elected to have a stint put in the smaller one to help with blood pressure problem but doc said it was not a big deal if I dont have the stint . Only problem is the smaller one might die and could possibly need to be removed , with the stint it should live and get enough blood to it to last the rest of my life . I'm 42 and like I said I have never had any problems with it before .
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Krishna Consciousness 7/13/11 6:30 PM

I have also same problem one of my left kidney is larger than right and due to this I got serious heart attack because of Reflux issues . Which is called VUR, the filtered urine again going backward to kidney and therefore the kidney hurted by refluxed urine and creates hormones which are harmful to heart and there for again the working Kidneys again affected. So controlling the blood pressure which is most important. Ask to your medicine specialist about this, sometime Nephrology cannot able to troubleshoot it. Its better to do a DTPA test of Kidney and after that MCU to understand the urine flow to the bladder.Don't go for angioplasty of kidney or any surgery first, beacuse these are not 100% gives success, rather than its better to control it using medicine. Generally WHO permitted to make medicine to control the deases not to cure. Now a day Medical science is in more demand and if they gives permanent solution then the medicine industry will ruined and nobody will relay on it.
amreet thapa

amreet thapa 1/8/12 1:17 AM

also i have small right kidney then left tht's i m suffring frm bp high.

Guest 3/22/12 9:42 PM

I know it's been over a year ago, but I just seen this. Usually in normal people the left kidney is larger than the right. No worries. It's perfectly normal. :)

Guest 5/17/12 5:55 PM


I know it's been over a year ago, but I just seen this. Usually in normal people the left kidney is larger than the right. No worries. It's perfectly normal. :)

Not necessarily....the kidneys should ideally function at 50/50% if one is significantly smaller than the other, that is considered abnormal. However, you can still live a perfectly "normal" life w/only one kidney as long as it is completely functioning on it's own and considered healthy.

Guest 5/20/12 7:38 AM

do you have kidney disease? kidney disoder can cause kidney shrinking. i think u should go for further inspections. i have met many patients with the same problem like you.
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