my 1 years old boy have a right kidney - non working, less than 4%. When I 've been pregnant they found that both of the kidney are 3  times bigger than normal. When my son was born, he had right side reflux, several urine infections, DMSA scan show that his right kidney is working less than 10% and it's around 3,5 sm (almost the same size like he was bon); left kidney  is bigger than normal size - have to take th function of the right. When he's been 5 month old they make a cystoscopy with right side deflux. Since than all infections stops. He hadn't got any problems, pretty active boy.We do check his blood pressure but it's not high. The Doctor said that his opera tion for removing the right kidney is not urgent, but we have to keep eye on his urine for infections and his blood pressure. They said that he will be ok after his nephrectomy if we will do it. We decided that  we will do it. Could you advise us did we make the right desision? What could we expect after the operation?