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HI! I have a smillar problem. My right kidney is much smaller than the left one. It was discovered 5 years ago when I had kidney stones attack (from my left kidney). I am just wondering if the kidney problem my be connected to the fact that I was born with hemivertebra in my thoracic spine which caused scoliosis (not a big one, 1st degree)? My hemivertebra was not diagnosed until when I was 25 (10 years ago). I am a little worried that it is only a matter of time when doctors will find out something else is wrong with me.


I know your message was from two years ago but did you find any resolution? I ask because I am trying to donate my kidney and they just discovered that one of my kidneys is significantly smaller than the other. I have also suffered from severe scoliosis and have had two spinal fusions to correct my curvature. Is there a link between spinal disorders and kidney size?