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After having my son 16 years ago i was told i only had one Kidney (right) and it was enlarged to about the size and a half of a normal kidney.

Today while at a hospital appointment for something different i was informed that the docs have found a very small left kidney, this has been picked up because i had a MRI scan.

I haven't been to see anyone regarding my kidneys for around 13 years (only local gp when i have an infection)

Now im a little worried as i have high blood pressure and i dont know if this is a factor, it has come as a bit of a surprise as i have had numerous ultrasound scans etc over the year and it has never been found before.

Should i go and discuss this with a doctor and ask for further investigations or am i being paranoid???? 


I suspect that when you were told you only had one kidney that they meant you had only one functioning kidney, which would be the RT one which was abnormal.  Having said that, regardless, it sounds like the second diagnosis was better than the first.  You have one small (either functional or not) and a RT kidney that must at this point appears normal.  My question is, was the enlarged kidney treated or at least watched?  Were you tested at that point for kidney function?  Did you have frequent infections?  And last, when they told you that you had one small LT kidney, did you ask about the RT one or did they seem alarmed or feel that you needed to receive follow up treatment or tests?  If they were alarmed, responsibly they would have suggested that you see a specialist.  Does this make sense?  Good luck.  BTW, having one functional kidney from the get go isn't that unusual.