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Most people in the USA are willing to give the police the benefit of the doubt when it comes to exercising their professional judgment while in uniform. After all, cops put their lives on the line to protect the public, and in the American legal system

An Oregon Cop Buys Illegal Steroids While in Uniform

That means they protect the people who are innocent until proven guilty, too. But most people in the USA draw the line at police personnel buying illegal drugs, specifically illegal steroids, while in uniform.

That's exactly what happened in Canby, Oregon. In February of 2010, a Canby police officer plead guilty to buying illegal steroids while in uniform, riding his police motorcycle out of town to pick up steroids from a drug dealer. And since the Canby police chief had refused to take disciplinary action, he was forced to resign. But why would dedicated law enforcement officials who avoid the temptation to use other illegal drugs get into legal trouble with steroids?

The definition of which steroids are illegal has been getting tougher and tougher

Federal law enforcement has been getting tougher and tougher on illegal steroids. While it's legal to buy a potentially bodybuilding steroid like testosterone with a doctor's prescription to treat a disease, it's clearly illegal to to buy testosterone and other steroids without a doctor's prescription from an unlicensed dealer.

It's even illegal to buy some substances that used to be classified as nutritional supplements, like androstenedione. These are substances it used to be possible to buy in a health foods store. Now "andro" is illegal because the human body turns it into testosterone, and a 2004 Federal law put androstenedione in class just below heroin, crystal meth, ecstasy, and pain pills. A small number of professional athletes have been caught using steroids, but most who have been criminally prosecuted face jail time for lying about their use of illegal steroids. Police, on the other hand, are prosecuted for the drug crime itself.

Police are like pro athletes. Police are like pro athletes in that they need muscle strength. Your local policeman may have to wrestle a pistol away from an armed robber some day, after all. And your local policeman may want to pose for a calendar or win a weight lifting competition.

The problem comes when a policeman wanting to show off his strength to his fellow policemen uses illegal steroids to bulk up his body mass before competing in, for instance, a police association weight lifting competition. At least this is what some of the news media tell us. Is there a real problem of steroid use among cops?
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