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People with seasonal and food allergies know how important for managing their condition is to record their symptoms in daily diaries. Many use mobile apps that make tracking and managing allergies a lot easier.

These mobile apps provide their users with various features making allergies more manageable. They provide tracker options, journals, allergen and pollen forecasts, product allergen scanners and allergy-friendly recipes and much more. 
Here, we listed some of the most popular apps that can help people record and manage their seasonal and food allergies.

WebMD Allergy App

WebMD Allergy is a free app for Android and iPhone that help people with allergy prepare for each day providing them with a personalized allergy and weather forecast along with doctor-approved tips that can be customized to user's specific allergies. 
The app is organized into 4 sections, which provides users with allergy forecasts, i.e. up-to-date allergen levels based on their location, library of allergy articles, slideshows and videos in 7 categories, 3-day weather forecast for area users live in or other saved location, and allergy tracker that enables users to track how they feel, record their symptoms and treatments, and add daily notes. 
WebMD app also allows users to generate a report and share it with their doctor.

Our score: 89%
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Allergy Diary App by MACVIA ARIA

People who are suffering from seasonal allergies are advised to prepare for the known allergen onset, i.e. the beginning of the pollen season, so they could start treatment as early as possible for the better control of symptoms. Patients with allergy are also advised to record their symptoms on a daily basis.
French based health organization MACVIA, along with a non-governmental organization ARIA (Allergic Rhinitis and its Impact on Asthma) has initiated an MACVIA-ARIA allergy sentinel network and developed the Allergy Diary app that enables patients with allergy to keep a daily record of their allergic rhinitis and asthma symptoms, as well as their  medication use, in order to take a control of their condition.

Our score: 89%
Links: Android, iOS

Allergy Alert App by's Allergy Alert app provides users with five days of weather and allergy forecasts for multiple locations, allergy diary to let users keep track of their symptoms and how they're feeling, in-depth information about top allergens, including oak, juniper, birch, ragweed, grass and more, with detailed plant descriptions and images.
One of the most interesting features is a dynamic screen background that changes depending on allergy season, including tree, grass or ragweed.
Also, the users can retrieve all the diary data and print it as a chart or a calendar on My
The app is available for free on Android and iPhone, however, it is intended for the continental US only.

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Zyrtec AllergyCast App

The Zyrtec AllergyCast app helps people with seasonal allergies track their local pollen index each day and check a real-feel allergy forecast for their allergies with Allergy Impact technology. 
This technology analyzes weather information from 41,000 zip codes, search and social media trends to determine whether or not the pollen count could affect users' allergies.
This means that pollen count could suggest that users may feel allergy symptoms, but they would probably feel it only if Allergy Impact is higher than the pollen count.
Zyrtec AllergyCast app sends customized notifications to users alerting them when the pollen is high. It also supports multiple profiles, which makes it perfect for caregivers who can use it to track symptoms of other people with allergies.

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Allergy Journal App

Allergy Journal app is a food and symptom diary helping people with food allergies identify intolerances. Thanks to the easy to use interface, users can add either foods or symptoms.
The app logs foods and symptoms at separate timings so that delayed reactions can be clearly identified. If particular symptoms have already occurred after eating a certain food, the app would notify users with an alarm.
Allergy Journal app generates detailed reports for both foods and symptoms that can be exported as PDF or Excel file and shared with their doctor.
The app is available on iPhone and Android at a price of $0.99.

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Substitutions App

People with food allergies may often face a problem after finding a recipe they really want to try, but they're allergic to one of the ingredients. Many simply skip the recipe, not being in the mood or simply not having time looking for a substitute.
Substitutions app is made for them trying to help them find an alternative ingredient. The app provides a list of substitute ingredients that work in place of those that may cause an allergic reaction, such as nuts, seafood, gluten, and other ingredients. 
Substitutions app is not only for people with food allergies but for all who have any dietary restrictions, whether for allergies or other reasons.
The app is available only on iOS at a price of $1.99.

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AllergyEats App

Another problem for people with food allergies who like to eat out is finding a restaurant that serves allergy-free food.
AllergyEats app is made to provide a guidance and recommendations to food allergy-friendly restaurants across the United States. The main goal of this app is providing valuable peer-based feedback about how the restaurants accommodate the needs of guests with food allergies, food intolerance, and other dietary restrictions.
AllergyEats app enables users to check the restaurant rating and reviews, view menus, call the restaurant, make reservations, and get directions how to get to it.
The app is free and it's available on both Android and iPhone.

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Allergy FT: Allergy Food Translator

People with food allergies who travel abroad may be worried about communicating their food allergies in other languages. Luckily, Allergy FT, which is short for Allergy Food Translator, is an app that helps users quickly and easily create individual profiles for them and their whole family, with a customizable list of food allergies and accompanying warnings.
These profiles can then be quickly translated into French, German or Spanish, and once you show the phone to local waiters and they'll know which foods you should avoid.
The app currently has 62 different food allergies grouped in several categories.
Allergy FT app costs $2.99 and it's currently only available on iPhone.

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ICE Standard (In Case of Emergency) App

People with allergies may experience a range of symptoms once they got in contact with the particular allergen. In a lot of cases, these symptoms may be mild to moderate, including itching, sneezing, hives or rashes. These symptoms are often treated with antihistamines and oral or topical steroids.
However, many people with allergies may experience severe reaction and symptoms (anaphylaxis) that can be life-threatening if not treated properly on time.
It is important, therefore, that all people with allergy have their vital medical and contact information available to the first responders and emergency personnel. The most easier ways are writing down these details and keeping them in your wallet, or install the app that would provide this information at the fingertips.
ICE or In Case of Emergency app puts your ICE information right into your phone's screen, so the first responder can check your medical information even without unlocking your phone.
There are many of these ICE apps available, but we recommend ICE Standard that is available on Android and iOS for free.

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