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Hey there,

Let’s see, is the FitDay the best calorie tracker on the web? So far, I have heard that is. Now, I know that I want to try using it.

I was talking to my friend today about it, and she told me “ There is no better thing on this planet” :)

So, she is super happy, a lot of other people are as well, and I am getting one conclusion – there is no mistake if I try it!

Are there any other good trackers on the web that you can compare to this one?

Enjoy your evening! 


I have to agree totally with some comments up there :) This is the best app on the web, and it works the best on the web. It has a really wide range of features that are available to be used as you want and as you need to use them.  It is a multi - functional app for iOS and Android users. But, the problem is that mobile version has little limited functions if you compare it to the web app.  But, still it is a very useful tool that you need to have :)

I prefer to use one that is on my computer, but I have this app on my smart phone as well.

I like it and I would like to recommend it to everyone.

Yes, it is the best tracker on the web, you won't find anything like that.




You are totally right! FitDay also offers some premium services, and they are totally free. I think that this is one of the most popular trackers at this moment. I downloaded this app in 2009 first time. Since then, it has a lot of new things, you can see improving. It has better design and it works faster . I really love it. It is quick and very simple, because the calculators cover most things that you will need, such as daily calories, macro - nutrient levels, etc. Did you know that this one has a calculators even if you are pregnant or breastfeeding? How cool is that. 

Try it!