Men just need a few seconds to erect. But, if they are not happy, erection reduced and return to normal size in a matter of seconds, but if a man facing erection problems, it would be very difficult to satisfy a woman. Take tablets or other drugs will not help once you start having sex with your partner. Here are some simple tips in order to have stronger erections:

1. Set the right position.There are many guides that help you with erection problems. However, not all men have problems in sexual health. There are many men who complain their erections do not last much longer. They also lost the passion within minutes beginning foreplay or complain of erectile dysfunction. So, here are some simple tips to have stronger erections.Many sex positions can also increase your metabolism and improve blood flow to the penis. The ideal sex positions like missionary or doggy style can prevent premature ejaculation.

2. Avoid oversensitivity. Happy couple having sex without using a condom. Now, touch and sensitivity can increase your sexual desire and improve mood, but can also weaken your erection after a few times, use protection during sex to avoid oversensitivity.

3. Lifestyle. unhealthy living, poor eating habits are some of the reasons behind the problem of erectile dysfunction. Eat well so that you get the proper nutritional supplements and also work. Simple changes in your lifestyle can increase your libido and help you get an erection for longer and more powerful.

4. Stop bad habits.Men sometimes addicted to smoking or drinking or both. These bad habits can lead to impotence and low sperm count. To have a stronger erection, leave bad habits.

5. Self-control. Want to boost your libido to get an erection for longer and more powerful? Well self-control is the key. If you can control, you can last longer in bed and enjoy sex. Divert your mind for a few seconds. Also lowers the rate of penetration during intercourse. To increase self-control, to avoid masturbation.