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My boyfriend very rarely ejaculates inside me as struggles to, we want to try for a baby end of the year. We have just started this a week trying different positions to see what works and doesnt work. WE will continue with this

Q - is it possible for him to masturbate and i jump on ( hopefully just in time if he can ) or just after - ?

could he be releasing the stuff before ejaculation in he doesnt ejaculate?

pls help im 32 and really worried this isnt going to happen to us. Any other tips or advise of where to go next would be appreciated xx


Hi honey! OK this is what can REALLY help OK?

1. In each regular ejaculate there are about 1 million sperm cells.
2. In 1 drop there is about 10,000
3. So while you are having sex, keep you buttocks raised - with a pillow under them - this helps ANY sperm there get to their destination!
4. Try to relax not only yourself but your boyfriend too!

The biggest sex organ is the brain! I would hazzard that a few things are going on here! 1. Your boyfriend is worried about being a father 2. Your bf might not be ready to be a dad but doesn't know how to tell you 3. there is something emotionally or physically holding him back from ejaculating!

#3 is the biggest thing right now - there is something either physically blocking him from ejaculating - poor diet, lack of liquids, stress, etc OR he is having a hard time "letting go" in ALL ways!

I KNOW and understand completely where you are coming from, BUT do you NOW and UNDERSTAND where he is coming from? Does he feel pressured into this OR is he a TOTALLY and UTTERLY willing partner in creating a baby?

I have studied people and personalities since I was very young! People FASCINATE me! And I ALWAYS tell people to take it down to the lowest denominator!

Come together as a couple and be on the same page, Take the MAKING out of Making Love! MANY couples get caught up in their "job" of making a baby! And stress is a HUGE problem with getting pregnant! So Bring back the enjoyment of intimacy! Massages, breathing, just being together and snuggling etc. So please know that as long as you both are healthy this WILL happen, you just need to BE TOGETHER and on the same page!

Also start taking prenatal vitamins - these have been shown to DRAMATICALLY increase your odds of getting pregnant - and increase your fertility substantially!

You clock maybe ticking but it's NOT banging OK? ;-) XD So remember help out even one of those boys or gilrs by increasing the gravity and ability to get to the desitination and also help your partner be "ready" and take out the "job" as a "job" means stress, right?! Good luck and health to both of you, I will keep my fingers crossed!


Thanks for a great reply! the ejaculation thing has been since i first met him 1.5 years ago, we are going to start trying end of the year thats why we want it in working order !! so def nothing to do with being a dad as always been this way-

we have had counselling but that was due to lack of libido rather that ejaculation as a main focus- the counselling didnt do much apart from us being very open to talk about sex honestly

He is someone that doesnt show his feelings and would rather ignore a situation than deal with it- i think its down to letting go- which is fine but how do we sort it?

I dont mean to be crude in anyway but when i mentioned jumping on if he masturbate could this work as an option?


Yes it can help, just remember that after raise your buttocks and stay like that as long as possible! I slept all night like that!!!! XD

When you mention him not showing his feelingss - this is VERY much a man thing isn't it!? - BUT the fact that he can't ejaculate is a manifestation of that problem! I would really think that he has had some sort of trauma about that when he was in his informative years! Such as being caught by his parents, been told that he was abnormal or it was a "sin", relgious hangups, nationality hangups, bad past experiences with girls! Always having problems with become erect - which DEFINITELY affects his emotional well being! Because aren't all men supposed to be virile?!!!! So ask him about his youth and sex etc, see if there is a link with him "not letting go" I think there is!

I just counselled a young boy on here - 14 - who thinks its a sin to masturbate! I got into a whole spiritual debate about it NOT being a sin! BUT if a boy - nowadays - that is 14 and thinks its'a sin, I can only imagine a man of being in his 30's and how he was raised etc. I really think this is something that he hasn't dealt with!