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What Is Accutane?

The oral drug Accutane is used to treat very severe cases of acne and that are otherwise resistant to antibiotics, and other oral and topical acne treatments. While generally it can be quite effective, the drug also comes with a host of serious side effects.

Words of Caution And Informed Consent

Typically, Accutane is prescribed for only a 30-day supply each time. The dosage will also depend on the severity of the skin condition, body weight, and medical history. Also, dosage often does change during treatment. For example, your doctor will usually start you off with a lower dosage, which he or she will increase gradually.

This is considered "Best Practice" for safety purposes and to establish your body's tolerance for the drug. Because of the many serious potential side effects of the drug, including severe birth defects, along with your doctor, you are required to read, understand, sign, and abide to, the iPLEDGE and informed consent. By doing this, you are both basically stating that you are all fully aware, and are well-informed of the severity of the drug's side effects.

How Long Before You See The Real "Face Value" Of Accutane?

Aside from side effects, before taking or using any medication, a very common question is: How long will it be before I start to see or feel results? This is a tricky question, since the answer is a relative one: Because we are all different, we may also react differently to medications including Accutane.

More specifically, for some individuals, the condition may get worse the first time they take Accutane. Keep in mind however, this is normal and is in most case, the body's reaction to the initial exposure to the drug. This should and usually only last a short time.

If symptoms persist for more than a week or more however: Please see your doctor, who will determine if you are displaying typical or unusual signs of side effects from Accutane. Other individuals may start to see a difference almost immediately, which could continue getting better each day.

They could also experience episodic 'flare ups' of acne shortly after instead, which for most part, will usually tapers off into a more normal and continuously clearer skin. As you see, the amount of time it takes before one sees results from Accutane depends on a number of factors. Again, this is because we are all different, and can and may react differently to things.

The Bottom Line?

Some individuals tend to benefit from Accutane almost immediately, and for others, those benefits could take weeks, even months. Overall however, a single treatment and course of Accutane which is approximately 15 to 20 weeks, is considered sufficient for full results.

Although, sometimes a second course of treatment is necessary this is usually not initiated until 8 weeks following the first course however. This is because most patients seem to continue to improve for extended periods after completing the first treatment.

At "Face Value" Patience Can Literally Be A Virtue

The key is to be patient. Remember the old adage? "Nothing good comes easy"- It could take some time. When it works, it is worth the wait-especially, as you start to see the results in the mirror, and are bombarded with compliments of your great looking skin! If you are concerned however, that after a long time you are not seeing any improvements, and the medication is simply not working: It is time to see your doctor.

He or she will re-assure you if more time is needed to allow the medication to work, and be able to assess your skin and decide the next course of action that is right for you. Whatever you do, it is always recommended to speak with your doctor or a pharmacist (if your doctor is unavailable) before stopping your medications. Be smart. Be well-and as always-play it safe.

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