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Hi! What are the chances of Accutane induced hair loss three months after stopping the drug? I am a healthy 25 year old female, I have no previous medical history, I have no people in my family going bald and I heard that Accutane could make one lose hair while on the drug. I haven’t had any problems while being on the drug, I may very well say I took it rather well and it really helped with my acne problem. Did anyone have similar experience?


Hello! I had problems with Accutane while being on the drug. I have always had very strong hair volume and it really bothered me and I always wished there was something I could do about it and when I got on the drug it started shedding a month or so after. I wasn’t very happy actually as with the shedding the hair became really dry and cracked. I spoke to my doc and he decided to take me off Acutane. Hair shedding stopped some time after stopping the drug. I reckon you should see a doctor and see if there’s an underlying condition first and see if there are options to stop or reverse the hair loss process.


I just got off accutane 2 months ago and the same thing is happening to me did you ever figure anything out, about the hair loss?


The same thing is happening to me. It took me a while to work out because I didn't suffer from hair loss while on the drug. I am too young to be in menopause. Does this hair loss stop after a while?



I jsut got off accutane at the end of May 2009. I went through a 7 month treatment with few siide effects (just dry lips and occasional headaches). I began shedding a lot of hair in August 2009 and it has continued heavily through out September. Whatever happened to you guys? Did the shedding stop? How long did it take? thanks!


I also just got off accutane 4 months ago, & noticed a sufficient amount of hair loss. I started doing my research & found that it is a normal side effect. I started looking into hair enhancement remedies & found a superior method that doesn't cause any damage to your natural hair. Your hair is threaded through a tiny bead, than the hair enhancement strand is inserted then securely clamped with a professional tool. It was so simple, quick, & safe! For more information visit . Tell her Savannah sent you, she discounts old & new cliental. Good luck!



Okay, Savannah keeps popping up on these sites. Don't believe her. I am 7 months post accutane and I have shedding that started slow at the end of my treatment and has really increased in the last 2 months. I have been to the doctor and they said I have telogen effluvium which was caused by the accutane and is aggravated by the fact that my ferritin levels are at 5. I think I see some regrowth, but not a lot. I am just waiting for the shedding to stop. My hair was VERY thick before accutane and is already very thin. I would like to see someone come back and update their progress on this matter. Nobody ever comes back after a while to update which might mean they are better, but it would sure be nice to see some good news. The only people who ever write are those who are losing hair.


Hi Everyone,

There are topics about accutane and hair loss around the Internet, but I wanted to start a new thread to discuss a possible solution to your problem. I hope you will read this story, as I believe it will help the people out there who are sick from Accutane.

I took Accutane in my teens and had severe side effects from the drug. I developed colitis and experienced severe hair shedding. I was on a dosage that was far too high for my weight (100mg/145 pounds; started at 40mg then 60, then 80, then 100). What's worse is that when I took Accutane my skin had a very unusual apperance, and I continued to get acne even though it wasn't as bad as pre-Accutane. While I was on Accutane, I was constantly sick, and this did not stop after ceasing Accutane; rather, my hair remained thin for several years and my bowels remained severely disrupted. I found that I could no longer take in Vitamin A, even from food, without causing hair shedding.

Following my Accutane course, I was in great distress due to my hair irregularities (shedding and thinning). I scoured the Internet and found people just like me who never found a solution to their problem. For several years I accepted the fact that Accutane had permanently damaged my body. Though I never went bald, my hair remained abnormally thin. I also could not take in any form of Vitamin A.

My acne eventually came back full force, and perhaps worse, a few years after my Accutane course. Since I knew I could not take Accutane, I looked for natural methods of healing. I came across colon cleansing and tried a variety of products. THIS SAVED MY LIFE. What I didn't realize for all those years, was that I was sick BECAUSE Accutane was still lodged somewhere in my colon. That would explain the continued stomach problems and continued hair thinning - the Accutane was still present in my body even though I discontinued taking the drug.

Since doing a colon cleanse, I no longer have any adverse reaction to Vitamin A, whether it be from food or a multivitamin pill. My hair is no longer abnormally thin and has returned to the way it was pre-Accutane. However, my stomach still has problems, and I fear that will never return to 100%. Still, I have to let all the people out there who suffered similar symptoms as me, know that there is a possible solution for your problems. YOU HAVE TO GET THE ACCUTANE OUT OF YOUR COLON. If that doesn't work, I suggest possibly doing a liver cleanse from a trusted source.

I should give you a warning, though. When you do your colon cleanse, your acne may get worse, as mine did. However, I think it was worth it. I now have my life back and I no longer worry about my hair, and I can now eat vegetables like a normal person.

Thank you for reading and I hope those who have experienced something similar to me may benefit from this post.

P.S. I do NOT work for any kind of colon cleansing company. As you can see, I have not advertised any specific product. I advise you to do your own Internet search - there are many companies out there who create good colon cleansing products, but I will not list them here.


I took Accutane a year and a half ago and had a few of the typical side effects while on it (tiredness, dry skin, etc.). About a month after stopping Accutane, my hair started falling out by the handful every time I washed/brushed/touched it. It was very frustrating, and scary because I didn't know if/when it would end. The excess shedding continued for about 4-5 months, but it DID eventually stop. It's now been about a year since I stopped Accutane and my hair is almost back to its normal thickness.

I'm considering a second round of Accutane, but not looking forward to having the hair drama again. Thankfully it wasn't permanent. =)


I felt I must post on this thread considering my recent battle with the same problem. Over two years have passed since I finished taking Accutane. My hair, which was once thick enough for three people and the envy of my family, is now so thin that I recently cut my long hair to a bob in an effort to give myself back the confidence I've lost because of the thinning. I am awaiting consultation with a dermatologist (living in Canada means this has been quite the wait).

The shedding began while I was on the drug and, unfortunately, my doctor refused to acknowledge that it was caused by the Accutane. A doctor I saw recently does not share that opinion and is certain that this was indeed the cause. I have had no regrowth to speak of and am seeking the help of a naturopath in the hope they may have the solution I need.

At 23 I would NEVER have traded acne (that in retrospect wasn't so bad) for thinning hair. I will be posting my experience on every site I can find with an Accutane discussion in the hope that young adults seeking a solution will read it. Again, it has been 2 years and, if anything, the problem is worsening. Thank you to those above who offered solutions that worked for them - I am hopeful for a similar experience.


I have been off Accutane since 1986 and my hair has never been the same. I lost about 1/3 of my hair when I was taking this drug. I cut my hair short and it grew back wavy. Today, my hair sheds more than normal but continually grows back. However, I cannot grow it much past my shoulders because with the continual shedding, it becomes thinner as my hair gets longer. Also, my hair is not sleek because when I have new hair growth, it is wavy and you can see the new growth on my head. I have to flatten the hairs with oil based hair products. I am very unhappy about this.


Hi there! Your approach definitely makes sense since accutane is known for damaging the liver. Would you please share with us how long were you doing the colon cleansing for, how often, what supplements did you take etc? I have stopped accutane about 8 months ago and I am loosing my hair like crazy. I am seriously considering bying a wig. Your response would be very very helpful as I am approching total desperation.


Hi there, I just want to share with you my experiences.

I took roaccutane (the brand name for accutane in my country) for a very short period back in 1999 and developed Crohn's disease about 2-3 months afterwards. I am still disabled, unemployed, and on welfare since then. This is TOTALLY the fault of accutane, I have or have had the following symptoms from this poison:

-Crohn's disease, and very specific the colon and rectal version of it that is so strongly connected to the use of accutane. In fact, I have probably been misdiagnosed with Crohn's whereas the proper diagnosis is Accutane induced ulcerative colitis.

-Depression...severe, continuous depression requiring both psychiatric treatment and the use of antidepressiva for the past 5 years.

-Hair loss, my hair has become a lot thinner directly after the use of Accutane.

-Kidney Stones

-Gall Stones (I still have those, for over 10 years now. Luckily I have learned on time the way to get rid of these through the olive oil/citrus acid way...I did that cleanse only once 5 years ago and, while still present, it has stopped the gall stones from being a problem. They haven't even been painful anymore)

Obviously there are some other health issues,don't we have them all, but I would not even consider claiming those as side effects of Accutane use. The above ones are very obvious and directly related to Accutane.

Just the colitis alone is enough to totally destroy your future prospects for a career. STOP USING ACCUTANE NOW IF YOU VALUE YOUR LIFE!! It CAN destroy your future, and no acne is worth THAT RISK.

Before using roaccutane, i was on minocyn, a less dangerous drug, or more accurately, much less poisonous. Before that I was on a benzoyl peroxide ointment.

And I have two news flashes for you:

1 -NONE of them work. Accutane got rid of my acne, gave me Crohn's disease, the doctor gave me Prednisolon for the Crohn, and the Prednisolon gave me back my acne, with a vengeance. I'm telling you this NOW. I was NOT told. If you continue using accutane and suffer the same, you HAVE NO EXCUSE. BEcause I just told you what will happen.
2 -I got RID of my acne, by myself. With what is probably THE CHEAPEST CURE ever. Sunflower oil, rinse (not swallow) in your mouth about 30-45 minutes a day each day for half a year. 5000 year old Indian (Vedan) cure. Treatment costs 5$ a year, and is prescription free. Because it is also unpatented, no doctor will tell you it works. No one can make a profit out of your misery if they tell you the cure.

NO doctor has cured my acne, I DID. Myself. The doctors fed me poison that has destroyed 10 years of my life.
The cure was the CHEAPEST thing I ever did for my acne, and it cured me. All the other fixes never worked, and were 10 to 1000 times more expensive.

STUFF what the doctors say, they got it totally wrong on acne. The real cause of acne is the combination of your own sexhormones and the build up of toxins in the LOWER regions of your skin. That's why clearasil and superficial treatments like benzoyl peroxide ointment only ALLEVIATE and not cure, they work only in the topmost layer of your skin. (And yes, sexhormones being involved also means that jerking off can give you acne, LOL. That's NO myth).

Basically, the reason why some people get far heftier acne than others during puberty, is that the toxin buildup starts at conception (YOUR conception) and slowly builds up during early childhood. Acne starts to manifest itself during puberty because that is the moment sexhormone production is increased dramatically. Because not every person gets an equal amount of toxin intake during their early childhood some will have more severe acne than others during puberty, and that is why simply detoxifying your body is the true solution to curing your acne. It also means that some people will continue suffering from acne after puberty, and that acne will come back after the 'official' medical treatment.

Acne leaves you in only 3 ways:
1: You detox (in any bloody way you bloody well please. I'm poor thanks to the colitis the poison gave me so I use the dirt cheap easy way, but you can choose any expensive silly way you care to indulge yourself in)
2: You grow old, and your sexhormone production drops to a level that doesn't give you acne anymore. Too bad nobody is interested in your old face.
3: You die (and leave an unattractive corpse)

Call me crazy, but I have preferred option 1.

The good part about the particular detox method I use, is that it removes fat-solubile poisons from your body. This includes both vitamin A AND it's derivatives, like Accutane. This means it can remove the poison from your body before it damages so much of your body you suffer permanent damage.

I have been sick for ten years, and the detox has been improving my health since I started 12 months ago. My acne was gone after 4 months, and it has even been (slowly) improving my colitis.

To cut a long story short:

1: STOP USING ACCUTANE IMMEDIATELY. It's not worth playing russian roulette with your internal organs for the sake of your skin. In fact, this is point 2 through 10 as well.

11:Tell your doctor to stop prescribing that poison. If he refuses, stop seeing that doctor, find a better one. Make sure the doctor you leave knows this is the reason.

12: cure your acne by detoxifying your skin. This usually entails a body detox, but just do whatever you find suitable. Mud baths, infrared sauna's and swimming in the dead sea will probably clean your skin very thoroughly as well. Accutane has destroyed my financial position so I can't do any of those. Do whatever detox you fancy. It's the best possible cure.

13: Never EVER trust ANY medication your doctor prescribes you. EVER. ALWAYS do your own research on the drug BEFORE taking it. No single doctor knows about all the side effects and contra indications of a single drug, and I have had several doctors giving me drugs that shouldn't be given to me because I have a contra-indication for it. In fact, my Crohn was triggered by diclofenac, that should NOT have been given to me because I already had a history of peptic ulcers. Doctors WILL prescribe drugs you are NOT safe to take. Not out of malice, they are usually overworked, underinformed, and not fully aware of all your medical history.

14: If you get kidney stones, c**p. I have not gotten them back since 7 years ago so I don't know how to fix them. You're on your own.

15: I you get Gall stones however, do NOT let them take your gallbladder out. Use the gall stone cleanse instead. Removing your gall bladder does not mean you will never suffer more gall stones. It will however restrict your diet severely and reduce your quality of life considerably. Be smart, don't trust your doctor. Investigate. Try non-destructive options first. ALWAYS.

16: Crohn, colitis and IBD in general are INDUCED. Not genetic. The only people claiming so are the researchers trying to get funding to prove it, and the idiots who believe those researchers.

17: If you're asked to participate in a new experimental drug to fix your accutane induced problems...PASS. Wait until it's on the market for a few years. They might destroy other parts of your body.

18: use your brains. Your own ones.

19: If you call me a shill for the sunflower industry, I got some words I can use for you. If you want to use cold-pressed biological sunflower brand X at 5$ an ounce for detox, be my guest. I use the cheapest bottle from the local supermarket.

20: To handle my acne I did the following in my life: clearasil, benzoyl peroxide, clean sheets and pillows every day, washing my face 5 times a day, zinc supplements, colloidal silver, minocyn, accutane, and totally cheapass sunflower oil.

The sunflower oil worked. The rest didn't.


Hi everyone. I started taking accutane when I was 15, about a year ago, for severe acne that I had since age 11. Ive been off for 6 months, but 2 months after going off I started to notice major hair loss. I used to have very thick, curly hair which I would straighten daily. I originally thought the hair loss was a result of the heat treatments, but after bringing it up with my derm at a post accutane appointment, he indicated that it may be a result of going off the drug. He told me that sometimes the body has a bad reaction to being taken off of a harsh medicine and assured me that it would eventually slow down. Although I don't lose quite as much hair anymore, it is still a huge problem. My hair is thin, brittle and will only grow to a certain length before breaking off or becoming a mess of dead hair. He reccomended a foam treatment, which ended up doing nothing but making the little hair i had oily, and womens Rogaine. Ive been on the Rogaine since December and havent noticed any signifigant improvement. I am still finding hair all over my pillow, in the shower, in my brush. Being a teenager, my self confidence has taken a severe hit because of this incident. If anyone has ANY information about what I can do differently, Id be so thankful. Checking to see how much hair Ive lost is becoming an obsession. And the only answer anyone seems to be able to give me is wait it out another month!

In addition, my acne is starting to appear again. Is the only remedy for that another dose of accutane or has anyone found sucess using products from the derm? I wish I had known that nobody would be able to give me answers before I took the drug. ugh :-(


Hi There,

I am new to this website, but I have been experiencing the same problem as well.  I started on Accutane in the summer of 2003 and it was probably the worst decision of my life (at the time I didn't know I would experience the "rare" long term side effects).  My acne was the teenage norm and had a few big ones that would come and go, but nothing like the pictures I have seen on the internet.  I was young, I didn't really know any better, I just wanted a clear complexion.  To this day I don't understand why my dermatologist would have put me on accutane in the first place.  Anyways, it happened and that was that.  I probably weighed at the time around 110 lbs, I'm not too sure the dosage I was first put on but he did increase it to a higher dose about a month or so later to get the treatment over faster. I was only on it a few months and yes it did work...I had the usual reaction of sensitivity to the sun and very, very dry skin.  I remember how much carmex I used on my lips because everytime I smiled they would crack, that was the worst of it, that was really the only problems I experienced.  About a month later I moved away for a bit and during that time I just turned 19 so I was out drinking a few times a week and also had my hair dyed. The day after I got my hair dyed is the day I noticed a clump of hair on my pillow and ever since then it has been thinning.  I have been to numerous doctors, specialists, acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc....nobody could tell me what was wrong with me. At first I thought it could be an infection due to the hair dye, but every doctor said the hair dye would be out of my system by now and there was no visible infection that could be seen just by looking at it.  I had very, very thick hair before accutane and it was even hard just to put my hair in a, almost 8 years later I need two hair elastics just to put my hair in a ponytail. When I think about what has caused the hair thinning, I think it may have been that my liver was just too overloaded, first with the accutane and then afterwards the drinking and hair dying.  Over the last few years I have also developed rosacea where I flush at about almost EVERYTHING.  I have it worse in my nose, but it also effects my cheeks and ears. I will also getting red, burning hands and feet when I get too hot or cold, purplish hands and feet when I get too cold...they are hardly ever "normal" colour. Heat, chemicals, hot food/drinks, spicy food, stress, temperature changes, exercise/sex, pretty much life effects it. It has been really hard to handle lately as I now close myself out from the world. I am tired and never want to get out of bed. I go to work during the week and on weekends get my grocery shopping done, then I pretty much hide out at home. You can only do that for so long before you start getting depressed and going crazy thinking "what if....what if I never took accutane, would I still have turned out this way?"  Unfortunately, we cannot turn back the hands of time, even though I wish we could. Has anyone else developed hair thinning, rosacea, very dry skin, dry eyes, etc...a few months after their accutane treatment? Have you figured out a way to cure yourself from these horrible, horrible side effects? The doctors don't want to believe the accutane has caused any of my problems, but how else can you explain it? Look at the long term side effects listed when they give you the medication!!  Yes, if I had known better I would not have taken it. When the doctor tells you they are "rare", you tend to believe that it will not happen to you. Right now I am seeking the help of a naturopath and hopefully take the next step and seek counselling as well, because of how much this has taken a toll on my well being. Also, there is probably something deeper...both chemically and emotionally that I need to get sorted out. I am doing a yeast free diet along with pills, but I haven't really noticed a difference yet. My next step in 2 weeks is doing a colon cleanse/internal cleanse which I ordered online (my naturopath recommended it). I'm hoping it will start to help!! I hate having to wash my hair every night, but if I don't it gets sooooo painful...(my scalp!), does anyone else experience that? I look forward to hearing from you guys' as to what you experienced after taking accutane and if you ever fully recovered. I will try my best to keep everyone updated on my progress, because I know how hard it is to go through. If I find something that works for me, I will put it out there and hope for the best that it will work for you too!! Here's hoping we can regain our health and happiness again!!! :-D

PS: Sorry for the long post, sometimes the more info the better. I also probably forgot a lot of what I was going to say...and also because there is so much on my mind it's probably all over the place too, oops!