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Wrinkles are a natural process of aging that causes people to dish out billions of dollars annually to fight them. As people strive to find the mythological fountain of youth, eventually, time will win out and your looks will change. This is the typical cycle of life for most people but in a small subset of the population, wrinkles and aging skin can occur at a much younger age than anyone could expect. The overuse of antiaging creams and lotions can actually have a reverse effect so make sure you are not overdoing the job. 

One of the most obvious negative behaviors that this younger population routinely commits are bad lifestyle choices: 

  • High rates of smoking and drinking are both capable of causing an increase in the damage to skin cells. Smoking can destroy the micro-circulation of the most sensitive areas on the body like the hands, face, and feet and you can notice these effects even if you do not smoke yourself. 
  • If you live with a roommate who constantly smokes or you hang out with a group of friends who smoke, second-hand smoke could harm you more rapidly than you would have ever thought possible. 
  • Excessive drinking is another way to dehydrate your body, especially your skin. If you only engage in these behaviors occasionally, you are not going to notice a big change but doing these activities multiple times a week will surely add up to cosmetic problems. 
  • Sun damage is another obvious cause of skin damage. If you have fair skin and live in a very dry climate (without a lot of humidity), your skin is constantly under attack from damaging UV light from the Sun. Many people are careful when at the beach and will wear sunblock in order to provide some protection but will not apply the same products when you are simply running errands outdoors. Wearing a hat and sunglasses at all times when outdoors can be a great way to try to limit the amount of UV damage you are exposed to. 
  • Another bad behavior that this population is likely to fall into would be having a bad sleeping habit. If you do not routinely get 8 hours of sleep each night, your body will not have the time to regenerate and rest that it needs. This will start to take its toll on you quite quickly so make sure you maintain good sleeping habits. 
  • Diets high in sugar can also cause damage to the skin. Diabetes is a very serious consequence of having diets high in sugar but you can still damage your skin and blood vessels without a specific diagnosis of diabetes. Make sure you do not exceed your daily recommended levels of sugar. 
  • The last thing that I will point out will be due to dehydration. Many people leave their house every day without a water bottle. Even if it may be cumbersome to carry around all day long, ensuring that you drink about 1.5 liters of water daily is essential to maintain the skin turgor that you need to have healthy skin. [1]

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