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Glow is a fertility app in the nutshell: it lets you track your cycle, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, symptoms, moods, and a lot more in a smart and intuitive way.


Free with optional paid Premium features
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Nicely designed with easy-to-use interface
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The app allows adding photos
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Useful intuitive fertility tracker app
91 pts

Women have been manually tracking their fertility and period in order to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy for ages. But, fertility tracking is a complicated and daunting process, especially if done manually, without some sort of aid.

Fortunately, an advent of mobile technologies made things easier for many things, including tracking health related stats.
Both App Store and Google Play have a sheer number of ovulation-tracking and period-tracking apps listed, all promising to help you get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. These apps range in complexity and functionality, so there's anything from basic period trackers to those more complex that are able to connect to basal body thermometers and other trackers.

These apps also use several methods, including calendar method that documents your cycle, temperature method that learns a lot about your cycle from your basal body temperature (BBT), and cervical mucus method that investigates the physical form of your cervical mucus and determines the position and feel of your cervix.

Finally, there is a symptothermal method that combines the calendar, temperature, and the cervical mucus method together. Most fertility apps on the mobile markets utilize the symptothermal method.

We wrote an article about best fertility apps that can help you get pregnant, and in that article, we mentioned Glow app that uses symptothermal method in an easy and intuitive way. Meanwhile, we decided to review and rate it. Here's our impression.

Glow is a fertility app in the nutshell: it lets you track your cycle, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, symptoms, moods, and a lot more.

Their fertility app is just one in the bunch. Glow has launched other apps, including one for pregnancy called Nurture, then Glow Baby, for new moms once the baby is born, there is also Eve for tracking reproductive health. Glow app we review today recently has added new features for tracking male fertility. All Glow apps are free to download and use, but they also offer premium paid features.

Glow app requires users to create an account by providing basic information about yourself. But, before creating an account, the users will be asked about their goal, i.e. women if they want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, men to choose their own section. Once the goal has been chosen, you can proceed to account creation.

You can connect using your Facebook account if privacy concerns don't bother you. Why I'm saying this? Last year (2016), a lot of users' information had been exposed due to serious privacy flaw in Glow app. Developers meanwhile, fixed this issue to protect users' privacy. Still, connecting the app with the popular social website that isn't the most transparent when it comes to privacy control. So, I decided to create an account in an old-fashioned way by providing just may name and email address.

For this review, I've registered as a female user who is trying to conceive. The app asked me for how long I've been trying to conceive if I know my average cycle length, and the date when the last period started.

After providing all the information, Glow app opens to a dashboard that shows relevant information about your current cycle day and asks you to log information regarding basal body temperature, cervical mucus, sex, symptom, moods, which would help the app forms its fertility predictions.There's a 'Log More' button where you can add other information, including spotting, ovulation test, pregnancy tests, and more.

An interesting thing about the Glow app is that it "gets smarter" the more you use it. This means that if you add your information frequently (for example daily), the Glow app would learn more about you and be able to provide you with accurate fertility predictions, thus improving your chances to get pregnant, if that's your goal. More and more fertility apps are using this intuitive approach to providing individual and personalized predictions.

Glow app has a very active community, which may help users gain more information about fertility, and share their experience from their own journey.

Glow Pages helps users get various recommendations from doctors, clinics, and pharmacies in their area. These recommendations are not only limited to medical information, but users can also get financing advice or information about certain products.

Glow app has a great alert system that would send push notifications to users, notifying them about their most fertile days or helping them stay consistent, which is an essential part of fertility tracking.

On the dashboard, Glow app also features daily fertility digest, but at the time of review, it contained only one article, which sounds like a click bait.

Glow app can be connected with other apps and devices, including MyFitnessPal, UP by Jawbone, and Apple's Health app.

Some users noted that Glow app doesn't handle chemical pregnancy and miscarriage well, meaning that it excludes that data when making future predictions, recommending other apps who do this better, like Fertility Friend.

Other than this, the app was nice looking and easy to use, although I've noticed a bit slower response when tapping on the buttons on the screen (I was using iPhone for review).

This, however, isn't a big drawback. I found Glow to be an amazing fertility tracking app for all women who are trying to get pregnant, and those who want to avoid pregnancy, mostly because of its easy-to-use interface, intuitive approach that uses advanced data tracking to form fertility predictions, large community, and much more. 
Benefit: Women who are trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy would find this app useful. The app also includes features for male fertility.


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced data tracking
  • "Smart" approach when providing individual fertility predictions
  • Ability to export and share reports in PDF
  • Chemical pregnancy and miscarriage aren't included in future predictions
  • A bit slower responsiveness

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