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Period Diary app helps you easily track your menstrual cycle and, by using two scientifically proven formulas, tries to provide you with the most accurate predictions for your period, fertility, and ovulation cycles each month.


Free with option to purchase Pro for $1.99 for additional moods and symptoms
90 pts
App Interface Usability
Nice design with easy to use interface
91 pts
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The app doesn't contain multimedia
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Real World Usability
Straightforward and useful app for tracking period and ovulation
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Every woman knows that keeping track of their menstrual cycle is important, but can be a difficult task that requires good organization skills. Having a mobile app that could take care of this task became a necessity.

The main mobile app stores have plenty of apps to help women track current periods, and predict future ones. Most of these apps handle the basic tracking, but they also provide additional information on fertility, ovulation cycles, and more, which can come in handy if you're trying to conceive, or avoid pregnancy.

We have already reviewed several of these fertility tracking apps, including Glow app, Fertility Friend app, and Clue app. All these apps are very popular fertility trackers that use a different approach to help women track their period, fertile days, basal body temperature, cervical mucus, and other data that help them provide the most accurate predictions possible for every woman.

Period Diary app we review today is another popular choice. It is also a period tracker app that helps you easily track symptoms, moods, weight, temperature, and much more. Using two scientifically proven formulas, Period Diary tries to provide you with the most accurate predictions for your period, fertility, and ovulation cycles each month. It also includes the diary that makes the tracking easier.

Keep in mind that Period Diary app is probably 'the pinkest' of all pink apps that use this distinctive color scheme to emphasize the feminine side of the app, that not all women like.

If you're not a fan of the pink, Period Diary app offers three different skins to choose from, but you'd be probably disappointed with the fact that even if you make the background and petals blue, the pistil would be pink.

Wait, petals, pistil? What am I talking about you may ask? If you disregard the pink, Period Diary app actually has a very beautiful design that features a flower on the main screen. Pistil shows how many days are left until your next period, but until you add some data, the number here would be zero.

You can use petals, or docks, to add some data, either via Calendar or Period Log. Other docks on the flower allow you to add notes, see charts and graphs, change settings or participate in the forum.

To add your current period simply tap on Period Log. Here, you can also add previous periods, which would help the app to calculate your average cycle length and predict your next period and fertile and ovulation days. A number of the days left until your next period starts would be displayed on pistil on the main screen.

If you tap on Calendar, you'd see the current month, with period days marked with a bit darker color than regular days, fertile days with little orange flowers, or the day of the ovulation with pink/purple flower. To add entries for the particular day, simply double-tap on that day in the calendar and start adding things you want to track. Period Diary app lets you track symptoms, moods, weight, and temperature.

Symptoms include physical and mental, ranging from acne and appetite to crying spells and anxiety. There are three choices for each symptom that you could use to best describe how you feel on a particular day. If you don't feel some of the symptoms, you can simply skip it.

There are 22 different moods to choose from, including angry, calm, confusing, happy, sleepy, horny, and so on.

You can also add weight and temperature thanks to easy to use interface that represents the flower with numerical values you scroll through in its pistil. Units are in kilograms and Celsius, but you can change that in Settings.

As its name suggests, Period Diary app lets you lead your own personal diary, by enabling you to add notes for each day. You can keep the notes strictly related to your period and cycle, or you can use it to write down anything you want. Each note contains a little heart symbol that can be checked, indicating discreetly that you had sex on that particular day.

To check the stats, tap on Charts dock, which takes you to the colorful graph showing the various stats for 1, 3 or 9 months, including your moods, symptoms, period length, cycle, and weight. Of course, you should add at least a month data so the app would be able to display some nice looking graphs.

Period Diary app allows users to connect with other users by participating in forum discussions, where they could ask questions or share their own experience. Of course, this would require registering an account.

The app uses default values for cycle length, which is 28 days. But if you're cycle is shorter or longer, you can change that in the Settings. The app also allows you to set reminders that would send notifications prior to your period or fertile days.

You can send your data to your doctor by using email, but in my opinion, it would be better if the app first generates some kind of report before sending, just like many other tracker apps do. There is a pregnancy mode tho,  which adjusts the tracking if you happen to be pregnant.

Period Diary app is free to download and use. Users can unlock additional features, such as symptoms and moods for $1.99. It should be noted that the app is multilingual and it's available in 7 different languages.

Overall, Period Diary is one simple and straightforward period tracker app. It doesn't contain much additional features and information like other fertility apps we reviewed, but it fits the purpose and can be recommended to all women looking for reliable and easy-to-use period tracker.
Benefit: All women who need simple period tracker, and aren't bothered with pink color scheme, would love this app


  • Beautiful design with easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to track period, mood, symptoms, and more
  • Nice monthly charts and graphs
  • Forum for discussions with other users
  • Available in 7 languages
  • The app doesn't generate some kind of report before sending
  • Using too much pink in its color scheme that many women dislike

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