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Dot Period & Fertility Tracker app is a period tracker that is based on Dynamic Optimal Timing method with the goal to help women effectively prevent pregnancy or plan pregnancy based on their unique cycle lengths.


Free, with option to purchase Pro and send the portion of money to women in need
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Clean and easy to use interface
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The app allows adding photos
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Useful period and fertility tracker for all women
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If you are trying to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy, you might want to consider getting help from technology. Your phone particularly. 
There are hundreds – maybe even thousands - of fertility tracking apps available for mobile phones. They can help you track everything from your ovulation to your PMS symptoms to your cervical mucus.

However, it's hard to be sure if any of these fertility apps are actually helping, especially after the recent research which demonstrated that the majority of fertility tracking apps are not accurate enough to avoid unintended pregnancy or plan a pregnancy.

Finding the perfect fertility app for you can be a time-consuming and sometimes even frustrating task, requiring you to try more than one app at a time until you find your match.

To make things easier for all women who are planning pregnancy, who want to avoid it, or who just want to track their period, we compiled the best fertility apps that can help you get pregnant into one article, featuring a list with some of the best fertility apps out there, such as Glow Fertility, Period and Ovulation Tracker app or Clue Period Tracker app, which both got favorable reviews on our website.

Today, we review another app from this list called Dot Period & Fertility Tracker, which is a period tracker that can help women effectively prevent pregnancy or plan pregnancy based on their unique cycle lengths.

Dot in the name of the app stands for Dynamic Optimal Timing, the algorithm the app is based on, which is currently being studied at Georgetown University for its effectiveness and efficacy.

This approach enables women to plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively by simply tracking the dates their period starts, allowing the app then to tell individual conception risks for each day of their cycle.

Upon starting the app, you'd be asked to provide the date of your last period by tapping on the date in the calendar. The app covers you even if you're not sure about the date.

In the next step, you'd be asked how would you like to use the app by choosing one of the options that include Prevent a pregnancy, Plan a pregnancy, or Just track my period.

Dot app would customize itself to fit your needs and color-code the interface to match your cycle, i.e. the purpose of the app you've chosen. There are three colors used to in the app, or better say light shades of turquoise, peach, and pink, to each mark low, medium, or high chances of pregnancy, depending on how you use the app.

For example, if you use the app to plan the pregnancy, and if your chances of pregnancy today are high, you'll see a thumb up on turquoise background, while those women who use the app to prevent pregnancy would see the pink background with the warning sign. 

Similarly, the women with low chances to get pregnant who want to get pregnant would see this warning on a pink background, while women who want to avoid pregnancy would see thumb up on turquoise. Medium chances are always shown on a peach background, only with different icons.

There is another way how the app uses colors to show your chances of getting pregnant and that's by using the dots. The lighter the dot, lower the chances are.

By default chances and warnings are shown for today, but you can switch to a monthly view that shows all the dots in the circle and the current day of your cycle.

There is also Cycles tab that shows a calendar of the current month with the current day in pink circle, next period start day colored pink, and the days you can get pregnant bolded.

Dot app also allows you to add personal notes for a particular date in the Notes section, along with symptoms, moods, and records about intercourse (protected or unprotected).

Users can also edit profile by adding their photo, name, and email, or share their records with their doctor or with the app.
There's also Info section that provides useful information about how to use the app, fertility, and other questions that may be useful to women who use the app.

Dot app is available for free, however, it also includes in-app purchase of Pro version that helps to provide family planning options to women in need, along with adding couple of nifty features to the app, such as ability to sync the data with phone calendar, adding partner to the app, or customizing the app's colors with additional skins.

Overall, Dot app is an amazing period tracker that uses simple but effective method helping women who want to get pregnant or avoid pregnancy keep track of their cycle.

Benefit: Women who want to get pregnant, avoid pregnancy, or just track their cycle, would benefit from this app


  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Dynamic Optimal Timing method helps users plan or prevent pregnancy easily and effectively
  • Color-coded interface to tell individual conception risks/chances
  • In-app purchase of Pro version helps to provide family planning options to women in need
  • Nothing bad to say about this app

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