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Lybrate is a medical application that is available at the Google Play Store for download on Android devices. It is an app where patients can consult with doctors and look up interesting information regarding common health related issues.


The app is free to download and use. Medical questions can be asked for free. Consulting with doctors is a paid service though, which is understandable.
95 pts
App Interface Usability
This app is very user friendly, even though it does look busy. A lot of the options are repeated throughout the app, so one can't really miss anything
95 pts
Multimedia Usage
The heath tips section includes access to photos and videos that download nicely and can be viewed without glitching out the app.
95 pts
Real World Usability
Access to this app allows patients to get real time information from doctors who are always online. These patients can also share medical information and even receive prescriptions from these doctors.
100 pts

Lybrate is India's number 1 medical platform where over 5 million users, who have downloaded the app, have access to more than 100,000 doctors and pathology laboratories. The app is free to download and use, and patients are allowed to ask free questions about any health, fitness or diet related issues where they will receive multiple helpful answers from the best doctors within a few minutes. The app allows one to gain access to specialist doctors across all the major medical and surgical disciplines, and the patient can either consult with them instantly online or book an appointment to visit then at their rooms or clinics.

Lybrate has collected many accolades and achievements including being named as one of "The World's Most Innovative Companies of 2016 in Healthcare" by FastCompany, the "Most Promising Start Up of the Year" at the VCCircle Healthcare Awards in 2015 and is the Indian Medical Association's digital partner.

Using the app

The app has a nice look to it and its flow is wonderful. The buttons access information quickly without having to download any content which makes it very user-friendly.

I gained access to the app which opens up on a page that shows slides mentioning what the app's features are. They include asking a doctor a question online, making an appointment with a healthcare professional and information regarding interesting health tips. The following page one scrolls to is one where your name, e-mail address and phone number is requested in order to verify your phone. Once this is done you gain access to the content of the app. There is a scrolling section on this home page mentioning special prices on consultations with specific specialists.

The home page offers many options for the user and they include the following buttons:

  • Ask FREE Health Questions - here the user can ask their health related questions anonymously by filling in the form as complete as they can, and then get answers to their queries within a few minutes.
  • Find Doctors - the user can choose from a list of common health related issues, medical specialties or treatments that they would like to query and the app will direct them to doctors offering those services. The patient can then book an appointment online with their chosen doctor. You can also consult doctors online privately in detail via text chat or audio/video call and get prescriptions if the doctor thinks it’s necessary. The patient can also share medical records, lab test reports and past prescriptions by taking photos of these records and the documents are then downloaded on the cloud server where they can be accessed anytime. You can also ask your doctor to upload the prescription and other records for you on Lybrate after the appointment.
  • Treatment Enquiry- the user/patient can inquire about various treatment options and they get directed to doctors who specialise in such treatments to answer their questions.
  • Full Body Checkup - this is an option for those who want to order certain investigations to be done, which are collected from home, and then delivered to a laboratory where the results are sent to a doctor who follows up the results with the patient.

The page continues and as you scroll down, you can choose different medical specialties and health related issues that may be pertinent to you.

The next page is called "Health Feed" and here one gains access to medical tips posted by doctors associated with the app. The user will also receive daily notifications which can be accessed by the "bell icon" on the top right of the screen. There are also option to bookmark information and to thank the doctor for the advice.

The following page relates to "My Accounts" where one can view their own profile and access information regarding previous consultations and treatments received by the doctors of Lybrate. ​

The final page is "Settings" where the user can rate and suggest the app to others, redeem coupon codes and setup the notifications one receives. A great feature on this page is that you can setup emergency contact details on the app. When you press on the "manage emergencies" button you are given options to call an ambulance, contact a family member or sms your house doctor. When these options are setup, the app accesses your contacts on your phone and you can choose your emergency contacts this way.


    • Free to download and use.
    • Users can ask free medical related questions.
    • User friendly.
    • It looks busy and daunting, but even first-time users can find their way around the app with ease.
    • There's access to not only general practitioners and specialists, but also dieticians and homeopathic practitioners.
    • The medical emergency setting is a great feature.
    • The doctor and laboratory services are only available to citizens in the Indian cities of Delhi NCR, Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and other major cities.

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