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The Anatomy Learning 3D Atlas app is only available on Google Play Stores for free download and use on Android devices. This application has content relating to 3D images of the different areas of the human anatomy.


The app is free to download and use. There are apparently some in-app purchases needed, but I never found them.
90 pts
App Interface Usability
The app is easy to use and the developers made a handy instruction format available so that the user learns how to navigate the app, as well as move, rotate and zoom the images to their preference.
90 pts
Multimedia Usage
The app downloads the 3 dimensional images via the internet, so, you need a good internet connection so that you can view the best detail possible. The images are very good and the 3D quality makes learning so much easier.
85 pts
Real World Usability
This is an ideal app for medical students and qualified doctors. Not only is it good for learning purposes, but also to consolidate your knowledge and it's a handy tool to help patients understand their pathology better.
100 pts

The Anatomy Learning 3D Atlas application is a medical app that was developed to aid medical students, residents and physicians in being able to visualize different parts of the human anatomy in 3-dimensional models. This application therefore helps to teach, consolidate and refresh medical members' memories in order to improve their medical knowledge and to be able to apply this information in a clinical setting.

The app is also used to show patients where the area of pathology is involved so that they can better understand what is going on with their bodies. This makes informed decision making, regarding treatment protocols, from the patient easier if they have a better idea of what medical conditions they are dealing with.

Using the app

This app requires a continuous internet connection and an external SD card for data storage if your device doesn't contain enough space. Up to 1GB of data may need to be cached when using this application, so please make sure your device has the required storage space available.

When I access the application, it opens up to a terms and conditions page which basically states that the user of the app must realize that this application requires to download content in order for the app to work properly. Think of this app like you're accessing YouTube, for example. You can't view content on YouTube unless you have an internet connection, which means that you can't view the information offline. Despite the app caching content on your device, this data needs to be accessed by being connected to the internet. If there's no internet connection, then the app just simply doesn't open. The developers suggest that a WiFi or 4G connection is utilized as a 3G connection may not be enough to be able to access the data.

Once you've clicked the button to accept the terms and conditions of the app, you gain access to the main page of the atlas. On this page you will notice various anatomical models that include the following areas:

  • The head (together with its muscles, nerves and vascular system).
  • The central nervous system.
  • The eyes.
  • Ears, nose and throat.
  • The central and peripheral musculoskeletal system (including its nerves and vascular system).
  • The heart and lungs with all the relevant anatomical landmarks.
  • The digestive system (including the oral cavity, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, liver, gallbladder and biliary ducts, the small intestines, spleen, colon, rectum and anus).
  • The kidneys.
  • The male reproductive system.
  • The female reproductive system icon is present, but no content is available just yet. Apparently it will be made available soon.

When you press on the desired anatomical area such as the central nervous system, for example, you will find different anatomical areas of the this system to explore. These areas include the limbic system, brain stem, cerebellum, arteries and venous structures of the brain. I chose the limbic system, and the app downloads the entire system for you to view.

Whenever you open up a specific area to look at, a pop-up message appears that gives information on how to scroll through the screen in order to enhance your experience with the app. This makes it very easy to know how to rotate, turn and zoom in and out of the model. There's also an option where when you press on the image for 2 seconds, which accesses an option screen where you can choose to change the colours of the image and access a quiz relating to the chosen anatomy.

Back on the home page, there's a button on the top left of the screen. When this button is pressed, a drop-down screen comes up where you can find out more about Anatomy Learning, view Frequently Asked Questions and learn more about how to navigate the app and how to use the controls for better viewing of the anatomy models.



  • The app is free to download and use.
  • When viewing anatomy models, this is done in the landscape position which makes manipulating the models easier and more efficient.
  • The anatomy is well detailed and the fact that it is 3 dimensional makes understanding the anatomy so much easier.
  • The app is easy to navigate due to the instructions which are made available.
  • The anatomy models are comprehensive regarding each system.
  • There are still some organic systems missing, but the developers are busy adding new content.
  • This app needs an internet connection in order to view the content as it can't be accessed offline.
  • The internet connection needs to be very good, WiFi or 4G, otherwise the user will struggle to download the content.
  • Some content may have to be purchased in the app apparently, but I never experienced this.
  • Using a device such as a phone may not allow for a lot of detail due to the size of the equipment.
  • Using a notebook or a larger device will allow for better viewing of the anatomy models.

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