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Sprout Pregnancy app for Android and iPhone guides pregnant women through every day of their pregnancy and keeps them organized and educated about the many exciting changes happening during different weeks of gestation.


14-day free trial with option to purchase premium for $3.99 or continue using limited free version
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App Interface Usability
Visually appealing with easy to use interface
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Multimedia Usage
The app features high quality 3D models and images, and utilizes phone camera
96 pts
Real World Usability
Very useful app for all pregnant women helping them see how their pregnancy progress
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When you find out you're pregnant, you would probably be overwhelmed with various emotions that can range from happiness and excitement, to shock, confusion and anxiety. Emotions can vary from person to person, and it's perfectly normal having any of the reactions, whether they're good to bad, because these are caused by changes in your hormone levels, which can make you feel more emotional. Even if you feel anxious and upset right now, your feelings may change.

Once the initial emotions settle, you need to start thinking about the next steps you have to take, which can also be overwhelming, because there are many things to start thinking about as soon as you find out you're pregnant.

One of the first steps is deciding on your healthcare provider, whether it'd be Ob/Gyn, midwife or family practitioner, or more specialized doctor such as maternal fetal specialist in case of complicated or high-risk pregnancies.

Pregnant women should also reevaluate their lifestyles, which include choosing proper nutrition, taking vitamins, skipping on alcohol and tobacco, avoiding stress or strenuous work, etc.

One of the most important steps is also monitoring your pregnancy from day 1, week by week, because your baby is changing day by day, and your body follows that change as well. This is not only important from the aspect of health. Seeing your baby grow week by week and reaching important milestones could be also thrilling.

There are a lot of resources and tools, including numerous mobile apps that help pregnant women track their pregnancy and learn more about how their baby develops, as well as about changes their body goes through.

Sprout Pregnancy app for Android and iPhone is one of those apps that guides pregnant women through every day of their pregnancy and keeps them organized and educated about the many exciting changes happening in their body and for their growing baby.

Besides daily and weekly information about these changes, Sprout Pregnancy app also includes personalized pregnancy timeline, checklists for upcoming tasks and to-dos, as well as useful tools, including weight tracker, kick counter and contraction timer.

The app is initially free to download and it offers 14-day trial of Plus version that can be purchased for $3.99 if you want to unlock all these useful features permanently.

The app opens to the welcome screen that allows you to choose baby's gender (if you already know it), and either your due date or last period, which would help the app personalize the pregnancy timeline.

For example, if you last period was on February 21, or your due date is on November 28 (both were default option), your baby is 5 weeks and 1 day old. 

You'd be taken to the My Baby tab, which features moving 3D image of a developing fetus at the appropriate gestational age (5w 1d) along with a pregnancy timeline, i.e. your trimester and how many days is left till delivery.

You can simply rotate the model from any direction to get more detail and a unique viewing angle. You can also tap on little circles that provide interesting information about particular gestational age. Earlier stages contain circles with fruit image, which compares the size of your growing baby to common fruit or vegetable. If you don't like seeing the model in 3D, you can always switch to traditional 2D view, which contains same amount of information, but doesn't provide detailed view.

Sprout Pregnancy app can also send updates about your baby's growth when you enter a new week of pregnancy (after asking for your permission).

The Doc Says Tab includes helpful medical advice on what to expect in your stage of pregnancy, as well as daily content and interactive pregnancy timeline that adjusts to your baby's weekly milestones, enabling you to scan your entire pregnancy at a glance and get an approximation of when things will happen.

My Journal tab allows you to add daily entries to capture your pregnancy history and export it later as PDF. If you're not sure about what to add, you can browse entry ideas, which vary for different stages of your pregnancy.

My Pregnancy tab contains two sections. First is Organizer with M.D. Visit Planner that allows you to add new appointments or questions you'd ask your doctor during next visit, To Do that lets you create and manage your pregnancy related tasks, Newborn Essentials that reminds you about must have items when bringing your baby home, and Hospital Bag with the list of items to bring to the hospital for the day of your delivery.

Other section in this tab is Tools that contains useful pregnancy tools including a Weight Tracker, Kick Counter and Contraction Timer.

The last tab More allows you to check other apps from the same developers, to connect with them or to change settings, for example if you want to see how things are going on during later weeks of pregnancy.

This can also be done by tapping on calendar icon on the top right, which enables you to see all weeks from 1-43 at once and browse to see how your babies develop during various gestational ages.

Keep in mind that many of these options and features are not available in the free version (once the two-week trial expires). Nevertheless, Sprout Pregnancy is amazing app worth the purchase that includes high quality 3D models and images, helpful medical information, tools, checklists, and personalized timelines that can guide pregnant women though the all stages of their pregnancy.

Benefit: The app is designed for pregnant women, their partners, family, and friends, but healthcare providers could also benefit


  • Very nice design with easy to use interface
  • High quality and detailed 3D models of baby during different weeks of pregnancy
  • Interactive pregnancy timeline that is personalized for each user
  • Journal can be exported as PDF
  • Users can use organizer and other useful pregnancy tools
  • Rotating 3D models can be little wonky and unresponsive at times

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