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okay i never post in these things, but i am kind of freaking out.


i had a normal period starting Nov 22 and going through Nov 27. my fiance and i had regular sex all through the first two weeks of Dec and then in the week before Christmas. i should have started by the latest on Dec 22, and got nothing. i have been hungrier than normal as well as being super moody and bitchy (as in ripping peoples heads off randonly for things that normally wouldnt bother me), plus being super sensitive to smells. i normally have a different odor 'down there' before and during my period and that is nowhere to be found either.


i took two tests on the 24th and 25th and got negatives. my question would be could i be pregnant? should i try to go get a blood test to be positive? i am always like clockwork (within 2-3 days of regular every month since i was 13) ive never been late and im just slightly freaking out


any help or answers would be greatly appreciated! :)


Hi J,

Test again.  Be sure to use ONLY your very first morning (wakeup) urine.  It will give you the best accuracy as it is more concentrated.

The home tests, for whatever reason, don't always work.

If you still haven't had your period by about 10 days after you expected it, see your doctor.

Good luck.



wait a week then test again!