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My husband and i are trying to concieve. Ive tried taking a pregnancy a few days before my expected period date came negative. I actually had what i believe could be implantaion bleeding which lasted three days it was up and down started out as spotting then to bright pink then it went down to almost nothing i figured it was finished but then it hit me agian the third day with cramping and small amounts of blood which ended that night. Im reallly excited to try the pregnancy test again but id feel really upset if it just turned negative agian. Could i be just imagining the implanatation? Ive never been on birth control before and i havent been told i couldnt concieve. How long should i wait to take the test?


Hi Guest,

You need to wait at least 2 and preferably 3 weeks after having sex to test OR when you period is due.  I know, some tests claim they can test "a week before your period" or similair, but most can't.

When you do test, you must use your very first morning urine, the wakeup urine.  It is more likely to give an accurate result.  It's not how much urine you have, it's how concentrated the urine is that matters.  False negatives are common.  Sometimes the tests don't work right away and other times, they don't work at all.

Implantation bleeding is normally very light and yes, you can have cramping.

Good luck!