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Me and my boyfriend do not use any protection, do not pull out and I'm on no birth control. Now before you all start saying anything, I'm 21 he's 34 and having a baby is not a worry. We have already discussed the whole situation. Thing is, I'm now 4 weeks late. Took 4 test and all came up negative. Do have a little discharge (whiteish, no smell) and about four days ago I started to cramp only when I laid down at night. Question is, should I wait a little longer and take another hpt or should I just go ahead and go to the doctor to get a blood test done? And is anyone else out there having this same dilema?? Whatever the outcome is we'll be happy just need some advice on what to do next :-) Thanks all!


Hi Georgia,

When did you last test? If it was later than say 7-10 days after your last period was due then the tests should have been accurate.

It is possible to have "false negatives" if you test early or if you don't follow the directions carefully. Are you using your first morning urine? It is more concentrated and should give you an earlier and more accurate result. Used correctly these tests are very accurate and any should read at 4 weeks late.

As your next period should occur soon, you could wait and see what is going on. If still nothing then see your doctor.

Good luck.