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Hi. I am 27 years old and married. I have been on birth control for the past 3 years and had a regular period because of the birth control. I had come of the birth control in August this year and had my period around the 4th of august and then got my period again on the 4/5th of september i was admitted to hospital for gastritis on the 10th of September we did not have sex for August and September. I did not get my period on the 4th or 5th of october and i assumed it was because of the meds i was on due to the gastritis. on the 9th of October my husband and i had unprotected sex and ever since then i had this fluttery feeling in my stomach. My nipples are always erect and i have slight nausea off and on and i am hungry all the time, i also feel very tired,and stomach pain and lower back pain. whenever i walk up the stairs i am exhausted by the time i get up. We had sex again on the 16th of October i still have the same symptoms. I have taken 4 pregnancy test so far and all are negative. yesterday being the 24 October i had a brown discharge in the morning and everytime i went to the toiletwhen i wiped i could see it. this morning i had a light flow of red blood and put a pad on thinking i was getting my period. i have not since had enough to mess the pad just see the blood when i wipe. I dnt know what is going on and would like some feedback. Could i be pregnant? I really hope i am.... Could this be implantation bleeding. I really do not know when i ovulated.


Hi. Good luck to you . I am not a doctor and I think you very well could be. I would wait until november 4/5 th and retest if negative again and still no real period go to doctor and get a blood test for pregnancy done. 

I dont want to get your hopes up but I really think you are. However, hormones and thinking you are pregnant can actually make  your body believe you are pregnant when you arent. 


Hence why a lot of people think the pre period symptoms means they are pregnant. it is so similar to pregnancy. wish they would be different so people wouldnt worry so much . they would definitely know one way or the other