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I am being accused of being the father by a "suspectable pahological liar" (Heard from friends) pending DNA test results that im waiting on next week. I had intercourse with her on August 12th and 13th, 2011. (No other days, based my recollection) Sex was 30 and 31 days before a September 12th conception date. I also believe she had her period on August 29th (or on about) based being with her that weekend, and her having cramps and what the due date calculator tells me. I also know from a man that left me with her on September 3rd, 2011 at a bar @4am, who told me angrily "YES" that he slept with her. He lines up with her in a due date calculator. shes repeatedly denied his name is not who he said he is, and that she didnt sleept with him, and I’m the only guy she slept with after our august dates. She claims thought she had "never had her period, and on two types of birth control, First depo short and then plan B while on depo shot. (the birth control sounds suspicious).I believe based on the dates, it is theoretically not mine. This was told to both of us from a doctor on her 26 week ultrasound on February 27th of 2012. She ended up having the baby on May 30th, 2012. So if Im the father, she would of had a post-term 44 week baby (gestational age) and 42 week fetal age. This is 4 weeks longer then a normal pregnancy. I hear there is a 10% chance that women have a post term pregnancy past the 42 week and I fall in the 44th week. My question is , Do you know in your lifetime, if a doctor's 2nd Trimester conception date has ever been wrong by 30 and 31 days???? - I heard its usually 1-2 weeks off at the most What are the chances I am the father and the DNA test resulting in me being not the father????? - Im awaiting results next week.. Please respond, thanks


This is one of those situations where you are going to have to wait and see. You get the results next week, yes? Not long to go then.

But to answer (or question) some of your points- yes a woman can go over term by more than 3- 4 weeks. I was 10 months pregnant when my son was born- I was going in to week 45 and had to be induced 3 times in quick succession for him to be born. If that hadn't have worked, I was booked in for a cessarian the following morning.

Also- this period your 'one-night-stand' had....are you sure it wasn't an implantation bleeding? These can show similar symptoms as a normal period, but are usually shorter in duration.

Don't bet on the doctors esimation- they go by size of the feotus and some often ignore the dates given to them by the pregnant woman. Both methods of calculation have their flaws. Firstly, the fetal measurements can be off for a number of reasons (flawed scanning or interpretation of scans; under or over development due to genetic or nutritional factors). Secondly, a womans dates can be wrong too- many women don't take in to consideration the implantation bleeding & mistake it for a period; sperm can live in the womans body for up to 10 days, thus conception can take place at any time between intercourse and the sperm dying.

Mother Nature is complicated. Even man cannot completely predict what she'll do. 


In your case- you've been told she slept with someone else, but she swears blind she didn't- is that a summary of the situation?

If so, you simply have to wait and see what the DNA test says.

However, you sound as if you don't want to be a father and are looking for confirmation on here that you're not. You also seem more ready to think the woman a liar than the man, in which case, perhaps you should take some responsability yourself.


You write like an adult, so I'm guessing you understand what a condom is. Perhaps wear one in future? It would reduce your risks of concieving through meaningless sex and you wouldn't have to rely on the woman's say so that she's on contraception.


I hope for the child's sake you are not the father- it doesn't sound as if you want it and that's not a good foundation for fatherhood.





Ok thanks for the feedback violet.

I know she did have the baby 5 days earlier then her original due date, which was may 30, which in hind-set, her conception date of September 12th could of been September 7th! Meaning four days after her September 3rd encounter with the "other guy" and enough time for the sperm to swim.

When I said I was with her on august 26th, she had cramps and I was with her, I DID NOT have sex with her on this weekend. I was just hanging out with her. I actually wanted to have sex with her, she was having cramps though, and she didnt want to. that was the weekeend of hurricane Irene.

I did do the DNA test already and awaiting results next week. By the way, I saw the baby and its 3 months old, it looks nothing like me and everything like the guy she left with, his facial recognition and his jaw line. I saw on her facebook, she even wrote "I have been having this belly for the past 8 1/2 months and that was on may 20th. 8 1/2 months from may 20 is around september 5th. not august 13th. Also she said she ended up having a 7lb 3 oz baby, which lines up with a 39 week pregnancy.

Ok, so you I guess you were a rare case, cause it states 10% of all women have post term pregnancies.

yes, I know the doctor's estimation, they repeatedly told me conception happened in September, no other month, not august or October. I believe in what he told me. however, yes, this is a small possibility he could be off. But the guy has been doing this for 20 years. I confident and I was there in the room, and he wouldnt be off by a month with his credentials. I talk to other gynecologist and they said it unlikely.

Yes, it it was one of the stories that she accuses me and swears that she didnt sleep with him. the other guy TOLD me yes he did sleep with her.

As far as your last three paragrpahs, there is alot of arguing the past 6 months between me and her, and everything she told me never made sense with her pregnancy timeline and she all of sudden seduced me on october 8th, 5 weeeks into her pregnancy after not being with me and leaving me with that guy on september 3rd.

You dont even know me. I would like to be the father one day, and I am a good person. I did wear a condom one of the august nights I was with her on august 13th. The night before , august 12th, we didnt wear one because she told me for weeks before we did it she was on birth control and I guess I gave into her.

If this child is mine, I would be a good father, you didnt need to write the last three paragraphs violet. you dont even know who I am. LOL I have more personal reasons to believe that I am not as I said to you earlier and yes you are right. As of right now, I dont want it to be mine because of what kind of person she is, and that is a pathological liar and that I would have to deal with her. I'll accept it is mine and cherish it of my own. I know what a good foundation is for a child. My parents did that for me. and if this kid is mine, I will try everything in my power to do so and for a any kids I have in the future.

Thank you though, for your feedback, I am going to keep in mind what you said and we'll see