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I’m 16 years old I have pubic hair I can ejaculate I have no leg or armpit hair no facial or chest hair my voice has not changed at all I don’t know if my testicals have grown or penis because I have never measured in the first place. My dads voice changed when he was 15 I don’t know what is wrong with me. Lately I have had a lot of phlegm in my throat and it has made my voice sound deeper idk if it is allergies or something but it’s probably not gonna last forever and I don’t wanna hear my high pitched voice again. I know it hasn’t changed because when I get the phlegm out I sound high pitches again. I always talk in a fake low voice and it’s super annoying and I am getting sick of it. I hate speaking to people and I can’t go to the doctor because I’ve got anxiety and it’s just super hard to do anything. I am tired of waiting to thought it would happen by now the last thing that happened was me being able to ejaculate like 6 months ago and nothing has happened since please help me.



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Hey there I totally understand how you feel I was the same way.... let me assure you that things are ok and will catch up. Everyone develops differently and some are faster than others but in time you will catch up.... as for your penis and testicle size why don’t you measure them?